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Ed Schwartz in Don Danhof's updated (and very period correct) 1970 SPE car. By the looks here, one would never guess that this immaculate slingshot was competing in the Nostalgia Top Fuel class at the 2009 CHRR four decades later! What an awesome living testimony to the Golden Era of Drag Racing!


In most cases one would never associate a set of Nostalgia Funny Car headers to the world of art and beauty. I always tell everyone to look for the beauty in life; it's all around you… and when you find it, enjoy the magic! Josh Crawford's brand new set of headers were proudly displaying a gun metal blue tint that is so distinctively common with high temperatures.


Boise Bleach Box magic is all around if you look close enough. Not only did my Nikon capture the spinning motion of the tire spin and water spray, it recorded rocks flying, a ground view looking down the track (under the car), and the ever intimidating Christmas tree patiently awaiting for yet another pair of cars to light up its bulbs!


Photographer perks at the "Patch" can sometimes be as rewarding as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Famoso Speed Shop's Randy Winkle kicked off the 51st Annual March Meet with an invitation only special event that was extended to the hard working media personnel in an effort to show his appreciation for all they do. Full throttle rides in the passenger seat of his A/G gave the photographers a different perspective of the cars they have shot many times over. Pam Schavrien gives her thumbs-up approval of Randy's cool burnout!


One little, two little, three little engines… all lined up in a row at the 2009 Escondido Nitro Night event! These blown, fuel injected 392's were dying of thirst as sat idle in the warm Southern California sunshine. Within the hour each quenched their thirst at the Nitro watering hole and filled the airwaves with header flames and the sound of cackle music. For those who have never attended this event, you may want to consider adding it to your "nitro fix" bucket list this year.


Steve Castelli patiently awaits his turn to put some stout numbers down on the Famoso 1320 during the 2009 CHRR. Suited up and strapped into a tin-can, the ambient temperature sometimes makes an uncomfortable situation for the driver. Castelli's crew does what they can to offer some comfort.


Ron Hope often tells me, any run you can walk away from in a short wheel base AA/FA is a great run! The legendary Rat Trap has left its mark in Drag Racing's history books and continues to thrill fans world wide today. In this shot, Hope is hard on the breaks with his chute in full bloom, celebrating yet another successful wild ride at the 2009 Dragfest event.


To often our eyes naturally observe a race car in its entirety, however if you slow down and look at the way the light plays with each individual part the magic simply pops out with a vengeance! That was the case here with "King Kong" left rear rim. Its circular lines flow with a sense of mystical ambiance that seemed to dwell within a world all of its own.


Resting as quiet as a baby in its mother's arms, this collection of aluminum, steel bolts, ribbed rubber and the soft Autumn sunlight came together perfectly in a calculated alliance between God, man, machine, and magic. An hour later this baby was spinning faster than a speeding bullet, violently shoving tons of air down the throat of mechanical monster and making over 2,000 horse power!


Though the danger level is as high as it gets, photographers are often looked upon as being blessed with the best seat in the house. This view is reflective of just that's we are able to get in tight and capture the essence of intensity a Nitro Cowboy encounters prior to conquering the quarter mile.


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