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All shots taken with a Nikon D200 with various settings.


Mike Boyd, wheels up, pulling the chute at Bakersfield during the March Meet.


Mike McClennan got toasty on the top end during the March Meet.


Dan Horan nailed Mike Chrisman in the first qualifying session of the March Meet. This photo was also featured in Hot Rod Magazine


Brett Harris in Nitro Thunder during the March Meet. This shot caught the flash of the blower burst panel blowing out, it lasted only a fraction of a second...lucky shot.


Vegas Heat lived up to its name at the March Meet.


A/FX Outer Limits


Big Show Top Fuel lite up the sky at Pomona during the NHRA Finals. I had no light so I upped the ISO and slowed the shutter way effect.


John Force and Tim Wilkerson nose to nose.


Rick Williamson had one of the most violent blower explosions of 2009 at the March Meet.


Classic Wing...huge heat waves and the front wheels up at 200 MPH.


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