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Bakersfield, CA May 1-2, 2010 – The third edition of the Rod & Kulture Dragfest was in a word, fun. They had something for everyone. If you are a drag race fan, hot rodder, rat rodder or just a lover of a party atmosphere laced with some nitro this is where you wanted to be this weekend. The only downside was the fact that the race was prematurely canceled a full 9 days out because of horrible long range weather reports. Consequently many people had canceled their travel plans and hotel reservation by the time it was call back on just 5 days out. This "bad call" really hurt the turnout of racers and fans alike. Which is too bad because this is a really fun deal.

The idea behind Dragfest is to put on a real nostalgia drag race. When you looked out across the track and roam the pits (discounting the necessary modern improvements), they tried to make it resemble a real, early, 1960’s drag race. To do this, they made Famoso more period correct and tried to make historical cars their main focus.

Headlining the action part of the show was eight booked in Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, and six fuel Alterds. But the real stars of this show are classes of cars you never see at the March Meet or CHRR and some really old hot rods. What a variety from a NHRA Big Show top fueler to stock 1929 Fords.

Long story short, the whole deal was pretty laid back deal so unlike our normal race round by round coverage. This will be the one race we do all year that will include everybody and not just focus on the nitro cars. Its events like this that personify the name of this site - we did it for love.

Now enjoy a ton of totally random photos by Bob Brown and Ken Hughes. The ones that had an ID with them will be obvious.

The first page features the work of Bob Brown and page two spotlights Ken Hughes.




There were several Fuel Alterds booked in and they all made two runs on Saturday but due to budget restraints did not run as scheduled on Sunday.








































Tony Wimer



Dave Ward


Santa Maria High School project car.









Gary Densham playing with his nitro.



Bill Windham


Mike Cross




Arly Langlo used Dragfest as a chance to do some testing in his Big Show top fuel dragster. Here he warms up in the pits.




Ronnie Lennon




One of the two Nostalgia Top Fuel cars in the pits was the new Horan & Bergin car with Keith "Rooman" Bergan starting his mandatory licensing program. He will have to make and successfully complete six predetermined runs under the observation of at least two licensed drivers to be able to run in competition.


Mike Halstad was in the Nitro Garage Mustang for the funny car show.



Jack Wright during the first qualifying session.



Brad Faria in the "Secret Weapon" Vette.




Did I mention that the Dragfest attracts A LOT of females in period correct dress and make-up. There was something for everybody. We'll sprinkle them through out the coverage including the Back Up Girl contest.














Eventual runner-up Mike Adams in the Coors Vette.


Ed Dougan in the Fighting Irish





Jack Wright vs Bob Godfry






Troy Green had his first outing in the Bomb Squad.





Brian Thiel vs Mark Sanders









Serious oil downs are not exclusive to top fuel and funny car.



Randy Winkle








There was a handful of cacklecars on hand including Bob Hirsch and his Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda".















I did say everything....











This is the first of 3 licensing attempts by Keith Burgin which is basically suppose to be a stage and short squirt.







The other NTF car making runs was Bill Dunlap in Bob Richardson's "Circuit Breaker".







Austin Frye


Ronnie Lennon



The Bowser's go to guy - Bill McNatt.


Andre Pegues










Jeff Crider


Randy Winkle


The legendary James Warren was out with his long time partner Roger Coburn who was running an injected BBC dragster driven by Gabe Wood.








60s Top Gas and Top Fuel vet Roger Gates is still active with this fun car.


Harold Hungerford


"Clutch Girl"


Stormy Byrd


Bob Murphy




Mike Cross















Sean Dale in the impossible to miss Holy Toledo Jeep.














Bob Riedel


Ellen Fisher


Bill Thompson



























































Bruce Cox


Paul Soliz










Roger Coburn





Jimmy Watkins


Dave Ward








Joe Delmos


Randy Winkle























Funny car final pitted Mark Sanders and Mike Adams with Sanders coming out on top 5.174 at 239.









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