June 28, 2014

Day Wins Quick 8 Shootout




2014 Boise-Bakersfield Blitz Fact Sheet

The Boise-Bakersfield Blitz is a points-earning series to promote four drag races for nitro funny cars, the “Ignitor” and “Nightfire Nationals” at Firebird Raceway and two “Saturday Night Nitro” events at Auto Club Famoso Raceway.

Here’s how the Blitz works... Points are earned based upon funny car qualifying positions in reverse order. In an 8-car field the #1 qualifier earns 8 points, #2 earns 7 points, #3 earns 6 points and downward through the qualified field; a 16-car field is awarded the same way with the #1 qualifier earning 16 points. 10 points are awarded for simply showing up with a nitro funny car and passing tech at each event, with a perfect attendance bonus of 5 points to teams participating at all four events.

At the end of this series, the top points earner receives a Boise-Bakersfield Blitz Winners jacket and special trophy, $1,000 cash, a 55-gallon drum of nitromethane and a $250 gasoline/diesel gift card.

At this, the first of two Saturday Night Nitro shows at Famoso, it was James Day, in Gary Turner's 'Pedaler' who, with a 5.81, took home the trophy and cash.


Along with the floppers, there were a complement of other cars including top fuelers out testing, Fuel Altereds, jets and door cars.

Here are a few shots from the first installment of Saturday Night Nitro 2013 held at Famoso Raceway. They are basically in chronological order.






Scott Cousimano in his Nitro Mafia



Rian Konno in the Kazanjian-Lemon-Konno Mustang.




Brad Thompson in his Jailbreak entry.



Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep.



Donny Watkins in Thunderstruck


Rick Williamson was on hand in Mike and Kathy Craig's Top Fuel car.




Bill Dunlap and Team High Speed were testing some new parts.




Pure Heaven had its test ended abruptly with a blower explosion at the hit.




Marcus Lawson was out making his final licensing runs.



Robert Overholser in his California Hustler



Vincent Mayeda in the Bad Medicine Firebird.





Defending champ Dan Horan Jr. in his Mustang.



Eventual winner James Day in Gary Turner's Pedaler.



In the late test session Dunlap and crew came back for another shot.






They were rewarded with a 5.87 ET at just 199.97 mph.






Photog Dave Kommel with video ace Les Mayhew.


Famoso Raceway PR Director Rob Gibson getting his gear set up.


Bob Godfrey "Burnin' Money" tested the hot track.




Roger Garten in his War Horse Mustang.


Cory Lee in Dennis LaCharite's Back In Black GTO.



Rick Rogers in the seat of the Fighting Irish flopper.



Mendy Fry in the seat of Smoky's Darkside Vette.




Ron August in the ever improving Forever Young Top Fuel car of Mike Fuller.




This Big Show A/Fuel car is Jerry Darien's with New Yorker Joe Morrison making license passes. Joe got his license with a very impressive 5.37/269 pass in the heat of the Bakersfield afternoon.



Greg Justice was out testing his Nitro Harley.




Dunlap for his 3nd test, the first one in the heat.









Keith Wilson was out again putting more runs on his Witch Doctor AA/FA.





Mike Salinas was putting the final touches on his Scrappers Racing Big Show Top Fuel car before the Western Swing hits Sonoma and Seattle.





Back in the Scrappers pit, one dead hemi....






The other Big Show A/FD was the Milanesio Farms entry.




Rick Williamson for his third shot at the track. Nobody tests more than the Craig's.









Another Top Fueler out for some fun in the sun was Brendan Murry.





Dusty Green in Bob Richardson's Circuit Breaker.






Boudakian Racing AA/FA







Saturday Evening - All Run For Spot in Quick 8


Saturday afternoon was Test & Tune with a few fuel cars running in the afternoon. All-run Funny Car qualifying began around 8:15 PM. The fast 8 then were slated to run at 10PM, but with delays, it started around 10:40PM. There were test runs by TF and FC's interspersed at random. Cory Lee and Horan made their strong pass together around 11:20PM just before James Day was awarded the trophy & cash at about 11:40PM.















First pair was Rick Rogers and Roger Garten.





Brad Thompson and Richard Townsend in the Nitroholic Camaro.






Scott Cousimano and Dale VanGundy




James Day and Dean Oberg





Konno lost fire after his burnout.


Donny Watkins singled.



Cory Lee in the Back in Black GTO.










Horan experienced problems and failed to qualify for the Quick 8.




Quick 8 Moved On

1. Richard Townsend "Nitroholic" 5.797 @ 239.23
2. Robert Overholser "California Hustler" 5.899 @ 245.76
3. James Day "Pedaler" 5.937 @ 244.52
4. Roger Garten "War Horse" 5.943 @ 239.02
5. Dale Van Gundy "Quarter Pounder" 6.096 @ 230.37
6. Dean Oberg "Holy Toledo" 6.110 @ 230.10
7. Rick Rogers "Fighting Irish" 6.215 @ 218.80
Bob Godfrey "Burnin' Money" 6.375 @ 220.30






Lawson out again.






Needs a caption...
































Clayton Zulim got a test run on his nostalgia A/F car.

























Money Round Results

Townsend - 5.97
Godfrey - 6.01

Overholser - shook
Rogers - shook

Van Gundy - 5.98
Garten - 6.10

Day - 5.81 (low ET, declared overall winner)
Oberg - 5.92


Tim Marshall and Gary Turner














EVENT VIDEOS by Greg Reagan




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