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Nitro Drag Racing Action at night @ Auto Club Famoso Raceway. California Hustler driver Cory Lee didn't take long to find the groove in his recently acquired ride. Solid runs all weekend culminated into a 5.893 @ 249.30 to take the Funny Car Win! James Generalao Jr. wiggled the Fueled Altered "Impatient" to a 6.101 @ 227.61 to edge out Dan Hix's 6.169. The Top Fuel guys have been tuning the diggers up getting ready for the CHRR. Dunlap cracked off a 5.633 in qualifying with Murphy just a tick behind at 5.699. Murphy couldn't make the finals, so White filled in. Dunlap took the win with a hole shot. .048 RT to White's .159. Dunlap ran a stout 5.75 @ 240.34 to White's storming 5.734 @ 247.88. An awesome awesome night of racing.

The second and final Saturday Night Nitro and the Mastercam Top Fuel Shootout of 2015 was hot in every sense of the word. With temperatures in the 100 range, 16 Funny Cars and 6 Top Fuelers came out to play and lay down some very impressive runs.

The 3 day event included all the Group 2 nostalgia classes with Saturday only featuring nitro cars. We'll start our report with the nitro test runs from Friday and Saturday. Then move on to eliminations and photos of the other cars. Enjoy.

Photos & Commentary by Bob Brown






The only TF car to test on Friday was Jim Murphy in his NTF car. Jim and his WW2 Racing team along with Crew Chief Roland Leong were on a mission testing new parts/ideas.






Ron August in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young".






Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop car.





Murphy on Saturday








Richard Townsend in his "Nitroholic".






Cory Lee, the new driver of the California Hustler.






Don Hudson




Brad Thompson experienced some violent tire shake in his Jailbreak entry.








Chris "Cowboy" Morel in the Little City Cuda




Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep



New name and car to me, Tommy Schiffilea.
















Jack Wright was out with the help of the Joe Walla band, Da KINGZ.






Dan Horan Jr.






Marcus Lawson





Alex Miladinovich in the Hot 4 Teacher Mustang




John Weaver in his "Dream Weaver" flopper










Rian Konno in the Kazanjian Lemon & Konno Mustang






James Day in Gary Turner's "Pedaler"














Mike Troxel in his "No More Alimony" entry.









Pete Peterson in DaleVan Gundy's "Quarter Pounder".





















Bob Godfrey in his Burin' Money Cuda







Adam Wimberley






Shawn Van Horn in the "Choo Choo Mama"




Jeff Utterback in the "Black Sunshine" car.








Jerry Kumre Jr.





Clayton Zulim







This "parade" was obviously voluntary as many of the cars passed.






















Funny Car, All Run For Spot in Quick 8


Friday and Saturday was Test & Tune with a few fuel cars running in the afternoon. All-run Funny Car qualifying began around 7:00 PM.


First pair featured Mendy Fry in the "Smokey's Dark Side" and 2. Alex Miladinovich- Hot 4 Teacher.



Both ran good enough to make the Quick 8.




Dean Oberg was paired with Dennis Swearingen



Oberg's 6.27 @ 220 was good enough to move on.




Next pair featured Jack Wright and Bob Godfrey




Two more DNQ's




Richard Townsend somehow got a single.



His 5.80 @ 248 good for low ET in qualifying.




Up next was Cory Lee and Pete Peterson



Both cars made the cut.




Brad Thompson was paired with James Day.


Surprisingly neither car made the show.




Next up was Don Hudson and Rian Konno in the Kazanjian-Lemon-Konno Mustang.





Hudson just made the show at #8 while Konno barley missed.




The final pair was John Weaver and Dan Horan



Although Horan's scoreboard shows the second quickest time of the round he did not show on the top 8.




The final car was Marcus Lawson who didn't come close.





 Qualifying- Quick 8

Richard Townsend - 5.80 @ 248
Mendy Fry - 5.90 @ 213
Cory Lee - 6.03 @ 248
Alex Miladinovich 6.04 @ 229
Pete Peterson - 6.05 @ 231
Dean Oberg - 6.27 @ 220
Don Hudson 6.51 @ 210
Jack Wright- 6.70 @ 214




To win the event, 5 drivers had to win their match in round one, and those
2 winners would meet in a final. The lowest ET took the trophy.


The first pair was guaranteed to be a barnburner with Jim Murphy in his WW2 car going up against Bill Dunlap in the High Speed Motorsports car. Both cars have been running great numbers of late, and this match up would be no exception.



Both left the line fairly evenly, but Murphy had to be shaking his head in disbelief in the shutdown area when he found out that his quick 5.69 ET had been pipped by Dunlap's scorching 5.63, a personal best for Bill in the HSMS car. Lots of Ooohs and Ahhhs in the grandstands after that one! Speeds were 251 for Dunlap, 238 for Murphy.




And there it was, the quickest side-by-side NTF race ever.




Second pair had Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop car competing against Rick White in the Neal & White digger from San Diego. Tall candles from both cars lit the track all the way and it was Rick crossing the stripe first with a 5.76 @ a stout 256 while Adam turned a 6.06 @ 189.









Third contest would be a bye run for Rick McGee in the Tedford-McGee Overtime Special. Rick managed a respectable 6.09 @ 170 but couldn't come close to the stratospheric times of the first pair.







Seven fuel altereds ran in Saturday Night Nitro qualifying, with the best four ET's squaring off for the final. Pairings of the seven were:


FIRST PAIR was the Valencia Bros. in "Nitro Mas" versus Nate Bugg in "Bugsy".





The Valencias had some difficulties, netting a 8.97 @ 89 mph. Lil' Nate turned a 6.82 @ 203 to open the bidding.





SECOND PAIR had James Generalao Jr. in his "Impatient" altered running against Nitro Jim Holtz in "Nightmare". It was clear to the eye that Generalao won the race, but the scoreboard read 12.01 @75mph for Generalao while Holtz recorded a 7.96 @ 145. Thus began some downtime to troubleshoot the clocks.






THIRD PAIR featured Dan Hix in his "Heatseeker" ride against Rodney Flournoy in "Godzilla".



Flournoy had the lead at the 60' cone, but Hix went around him and got the win light with a 6.10/175 against Flournoy's 6.51 but faster 203,





LAST SINGLE would be Jeff Utterback in the "Black Sunshine" Topolino. Clock troubles reared up again with the board showing no time, but somehow it was determined that Utterback and Generalao would advance along with Hix and Holtz in the final round.





Dan Hix was paired up with Jim Holtz, but Holtz couldn't make the call so Hix singled to a 6.15 @ 156.





James Generalao Jr. in his "Impatient" Ford T would face Jeff Utterback in his "Black Sunshine Fiat Topolino. They were side by side most of the way but at the stripe it was Generalao with a 6.10 @ 227 versus Utterback's 6.33 @ 191. So, James Generalao Jr. took the trophy with his final round low ET.








This was run in a conventional way, with the top two quickest ET's squaring off against each other. This would have meant a repeat of the Dunlap/Murphy lineup, but due to a crankshaft issue, Murphy's car was unable to make the call so Rick White came forward on the break rule.




Bill was on his game with a quick .048 RT while Rick was late off the line with a .159.

At the far end, Rick had a slightly quicker ET at 5.734 at 247 against Dunlap's 5.754 at 240, but the hole shot determined the race with Dunlap taking the trophy in the HSMS dragster. Great racing!







FIRST PAIR was Cory Lee in his new ride- the California Hustler vs. Alex Miladinovich in the Hot 4 Teacher car.



Lee came out with an .068 RT to Miladinovich's lagging .150.




Alex came close at the top end with less than 1/10 second between their ET's, but to no avail as it was Lee crossing the stripe first with a 5.89 while Alex netted a 5.98.





SECOND PAIR featured Pete Peterson (standing in for Dale Van Gundy) against Mendy Fry. Despite Mendy's better reaction time, at the 100' point Peterson had a car length on Fry and it slowly widened from there.






Pete took the win with a 6.10 against Mendy's 6.93.






THIRD PAIR would have seen Don Hudson run against Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep. For some reason, Oberg had difficulties getting the car to fire and the body remained up in the staging area, only to be towed down the return road later as Hudson thundered down the track on a single with a 6.29 at 229 mph.








"Da Kingz" rock-n-roll band, the boys were pumped for this one. So pumped, in fact, that Jack left just a tad early on a red, giving Townsend the easy single as Wright slowed to save the parts. Townsend nailed a 6.01 at 213 on a good run, but not good enough to top Cory Lee's event winning 5.89 from the first pairing.







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