Top Fuel Qualifying Session 2


Session two started off with Jason Greenwood facing Jim White.





















At about the 900' mark Greenwood's engine experienced a violent explosion and huge fireball. Jason was OK but the engine not so much.






Young moved up to the #2 spot (for the moment).


Looking at the left valve cover one can see where the fire came from.





After a lengthy cleanup, Dave Miller and Rick White took center stage.























Next pair to take their second shot at the track were Paul Schultz and Tyler Hilton.











Schultz was up in smoke before the tree.







Hilton's 6.59 left him on the outside looking in.




Next up were two California cars, Jim Murphy and Rick Williamson.











Both cars left good but Williamson started smoking the tires at the tree.













Murphy went to the #4 spot with a solid 5.700.




Following Murphy was another Californian, Adam Sorokin. Tim Cullinan was in the left lane.




















Sorokin's stout 5.641 kept him in the #1 spot.





Out next was Tony Bartone for a single.















Bartone had no problems this time, his 5.680 moved him up to the #2 hole.





Next was another single, Brendan Murry.


















Following session two Julius Hughes was back for another licensing pass.














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