Top Fuel Eliminations - Round One


The first car out for E1 was Tony Bartone, paired with Tim Cullinan who failed to make the call.






















Bartone legged it to a 5.697 at just 221.27.




Next out was Tyler Hilton who got in on the break rule for Brendan Murry, and he would face Adam Sorokin.












Sorokin, one of the best leavers in the business, drilled Hilton on the tree(0.076 to 0.343) and just kept opening the gap from there.










Sorokin slowed from his qualifying times but a 5.83 was more than enough for the red car to move on.





The third race featured Jim Young and Rick White.











This race was over very early as Young uncharacteristically went red ... by a bunch (-0.174) leaving White a clear path to round two.















The final pair was Jim Murphy and Rick Williamson.
















Both cars left together and we had a drag race.
















In the closest race of the session Murphy took the win with a 5.747 at 260.71 while Williamson was right there with a 5.818 at 247.52.Murphy's MOV: 0.0800 seconds (approximately 29 feet), with a huge speed.





Top Fuel Eliminations - Round Two


And then there were four, pair one Rick White vs. Adam Sorokin.



Once again Sorokin got a great jump (0.026 to 0.113) leaving White to play catch up for the next 1320 feet.










Sorokin held on for the win with a 5.797 at 241.15 to White's piston eating 5.807 at 235.06.








It was then Jim Murphy and Tony Bartone to decide who would meet Sorokin in the final.










Bartone left first but was up in smoke by the 100 foot mark.





Not knowing Bartone went up in smoke, Murphy drove it out the back door with a 5.689 at 245.36. A couple of pistons were just collateral damage. Jim would have lane choice in the final.







You can bet the farm that Bartone was not smiling. Murphy became only the third driver to get the best of T-Bone in the last three years.



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