2PM: Leading off the third and final Top Fuel qualifying session was March Meet winner Pete Wittenberg on a single. Several cars chose to pass on Q3 and get ready for round one.







Wittenberg clicked it early to a 6.227 at 177.20 which would be good for the #7 spot.





Next up was Canadian Phil Ruskowski for his final attempt to make the show.






A 7.484 at 153.11 left Phil the odd man out.





Next out was defending Top Fuel World Champion Jim Murphy who is not having a championship year. After troubles in Q1 and missing Q2 due to another issues left the team with their backs against the data wall and sitting #8.







Tire smoke at the '60 mark left Murphy sitting on the bump and a date with Mendy Fry in round one that evening.







Out next was Bret Williamson aka The Burnout King for his last shot.







Williamson was done early and coasted through. His earlier 6.098 left him #5.





The session ended with the one and only pair. The hitters. Mendy Fry and Adam Sorokin.











Fry lit the red light but in qualifying that matters not.






Once again Fry wows the field with a 5.68 at 249.81 which cemented her #1 spot while Sorokin stayed #2 with a 5.850 at 237.71.






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