Leading off the third and last session was Scott Stanger and Wally Giavia. Neither car was in the main show.


Giavia had a wheels up solid leave.




Stanger started smoking the tires almost at the hit.










Out next were two more drivers on the outside looking in, Garth Widdison and Justin Taylor.












Widdison shut off early while Taylor eeked into the #8 spot in the Tater Baker field with a 6.36 at 223.47






Out next were John Rice who was not in, and Brad Thompson who was in the B-Field.











Thompson shut off early and didn't improve on his earlier 5.96 at 228.85. Rice made his best run of the weekend, a 6.30 at 221.27.






Up next were two cars you'd expect to see in the top half of the field, but neither were. Shawn Bowen and Tim Boychuk.








Boychuk made his best run of the weekend, a 5.91 at 240.94. Bowen did not improve and stood on his earlier 5.95 at 244.47. They ended up #1 & 2 in the Tater Baker field.





Next out for their last shot were Mark Sanders and Kris Krabill.















Both drivers made their best runs of the weekend. Sanders,5.76 at 238.55 and Krabill managed a 5.97 at 222.22. Sanders was in the Main Show, Krabill the Tater show.





Out for a single was Bobby Cottrell who was solidly in the show.




Either Bucky was trying to rotate the earth or there was a mechanical issue, it was up in smoke at the hit.







Bill Windham was out for another single.




After a decent launch, Windham was only able to card a 6.13





Out next for their last shots were Jason Rupert and Matt Bynum. This would turn out to be a preview of the main show final.


















The last pair of the last session featured Dan Horan Jr. and Jeff Arend.












Both cars hauled ass. Horan went to the top with a 5.73 at 240.59. Arend was right there with a 5.75 at 245.27 putting him in the #3 hole.





 AA/Funny Car Main Event Final Qualifying
1. Dan Horan Jr., 5.73, 240.59
2. Jason Rupert, 5.74, 252.57
3. Jeff Arend, 5.75, 245.27
4. Mark Sanders, 5.76, 238.55
5. Matt Bynum, 5.78, 253.42
6. John Weaver, 5.79, 243.94
7. Billy Morris, 5.84, 241.76
8. Bobby Cottrell, 5.86, 239.95


 AA/Funny Car Tater Baker Final Qualifying
1. Tim Boychuk, 5.91, 240.94
2. Shawn Bowen, 5.95, 244.47
3. Bill Windham, 5.96, 223.84
4. Brad Thompson,
5. Wally Giavia, 5.97, 232.03
6. Kris Krabill, 5.97, 222.22
7. John Rice, 6.30, 221.27
8. Justin Taylor, 6.36, 223.47
Alt. Garth Widdison (6.38)




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