Leading off eliminations was Tyler Hilton and Bret Williamson.




Both drivers left together and we had a drag race.








In a close one Hilton took the win with a 6.037 at 240.89. Williamson was right there with a 6.112 at 221.23.





Pair two featured Brendan Murry and Dusty Green.






Green left first by nearly a tenth. Murry was left to play some major catch up.








This was all Green who carded a 5.985 at 248.34 while Murry was sacrificing pistons before the eighth and shut off.





No clue in the middle of TF. Arlene sends 'em and I post 'em.







Out next was the highly favored Adam Sorokin and the #7 qualifier, Pete Wittenberg.





.085 reaction times both.









Wittenberg had better early numbers and was pulling away by the 330' mark. His out of the blue 5.703 at 253.66 easily covered Sorokin's 5.907 at 244.12.

To quote Adam, "Well, that sucked. We fell off in the 1st round and ran 5.90 to Pete’s 5.73. They ran good, we did not...





The final pair could easily be a final at most races, Mendy Fry and Jim Murphy. However, at this race Murphy had nothing but trouble in qualifying and Fry did not. It was #1 vs #8.








Neither RT was stellar yet both cars basically left together.









At this point we had a text book drag race.



But as fate would have it Murphy again had engine issues and was forced to shut off. It mattered not to Fry who ran low ET of the meet. Her 5.678 at 253.47 was just another statement in what was becoming a long list of High Speed statements.




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