Tater Baker Funny Car Final


First up to see who would make up the B-Field final was Shawn Bowen and Tim Boychuk.






This was over at the tree when Boychuk went red.






Bowen ran it through to a 5.82 to 222.69 for a trip to the winners circle.







Main Show Funny Car Final


For the trophy, check and bragging rights it was Matt Bynum and Jason Rupert.







Both cars left together, neither nailed the tree.







Rupert made it three Firebird victories in a row dating back to May 2017. He ran low e.t. of the meet with a 5.60 at 253.47 to defeat Bynum’s valiant attempt at 5.73 at 226.66.







Top Fuel Final


To put a period on the nitro finals it was Mendy Fry who had totally dominated the dragster class all weekend. In the left lane was Dusty Green who, if Fry made a mistake, could go home with the gold.













Green left first but that was erased by the 60' block.













Fry left little to doubt running low e.t. and top speed of the meet at 5.66 - 254.71 to easily stop Green who finished at 6.04 - 198.73.






This was Fry's 2nd win in 3 races. With a commanding points lead and only 2 races remaining, the team has all but cinched the 2018 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Top Fuel Championship.



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