Different day, same heat/humidity. First out was Dusty Green from Pleasant Hill CA, in the Colorado based Nitro Hemi. Green did not partake in session one so this was team Harwood's first shot at the hot track.










Green's leave looked more like his burnout.







No chance of recovering and that left Green with just one more shot.







Pair two matched Mendy Fry and Dave Miller. Fry didn't get a time in Q1 so at this point she wasn't in the show.

























Miller blazed the tires at the tree, Fry was on one.








Fry stopped the clocks with a stout 5.680 at 235.97 which put her at the head of the class. Miller's 8.24 at 111.53 left him on the outside looking in.





Next pair out was Tyler Hilton and Brendan Murry. Two very car show quality, full bodied fuelers. Murry was in, Hilton not.













Hilton lit up the tires before the tree.








Murry motored on to a 5.950 at 213.917 while Hilton recovered to a 7.503 at 213.50 which still left him #11 with one session left.







Next up to shuffle the deck was Julius Hughes and Jason Greenwood.

























Greenwood got the better time with a 6.259 at 213.47 while Hughes labored to a 6.400 at 239.49. Neither improved.





Next up was Adam Sorokin and Paul Schultz.




























Sorokin motored on down with a 5.853 at just 207.43 while Schultz remained on the outside looking in with a 6.540 at 194.58





The final pair for session two was Jim Young and Tim Cullinan.























Testing what the track would hold, Young went into tire smoke about 100' out and clicked it.






Cullinan carded a respectable 5.904 at 239.53 which put him solidly in the show.







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