Thursday - Session One


With only 5 cars on the property, funny car was slim pickings for photos. Here the legendary Paul Smith gets the family's Entertainer flopper ready for the first session.


John Smith was paired with Dan Horan Jr.








Smith clicked it early to a 6.790 at 143.03. Horan was a DQ for crossing the center line.





The other pair featured Shawn Bowen in the Bartone & Lebor '69 Camaro and Eric Stevens driving the Bluegrass Thunder '69 Camaro.












Friday - Session Two


First out was Greg Jacobsmeyer, Florissant, MO, the All Star '69 Camaro. This was his first qualifying effort and a single.










Jacobsmeyer shut off early to a 6.476 at 170.06.





The first pair of session two was Dan Horan Jr. and Eric Stevens.






















Then came Shawn Bowen and John Smith.























Friday - Session Three











Horan finally got down the track and went to the number two spot with a 5.923 at 245.14.





Next pair was Shawn Bowen and Eric Stevens.




















Saturday Round One Eliminations


Round one opened with the #1 qualifier, Shawn Bowen, getting a single.











Bowen didn't take the gimme and ran 5.790 at 236.51.





Pair one pitted John Smith and Greg Jacobsmeyer.










Smith left first by a bunch and never looked back.




Smith moved to the semis with a 5.844 at 242.63 with Jacobsmeyer shutting off early to a 7.112 at 228.46.








Last pair featured Dan Horan Jr. and Eric Stevens.








For whatever reason, Stevens was shut off prior to staging leaving Horan to solo.



Horan moved on with a solid 5.760 at 256.36 (top speed of the meet).






Saturday Round Two Eliminations



The only pair for the semis was John Smith and Shawn Bowen.








Smith drilled Bowen on the tree (0.080 to a 0.154) and pulled away from there.







Smith took the win and moved to the final to face Horan.





Horan came out for his second bye of the day.





This time Horan saved parts for the final and coasted to a 8.374 at 106.18.





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