Saturday proved to be another hot and humid day and saw Top Fuel eliminations open up with Jim Young and Jason Greenwood. Young being the prohibitive favorite.











Neither driver had a stellar reaction time but Young got a slight jump.












By the 60' clock Young took control leaving Greenwood to get a great view of his chutes.






Young motored down Broadway to a 5.818 at 251.91. Greenwood hung in with a 6.229 at 237.09.





WDIFL photog Arlene Eliason and the irrepressible Walt Stevens who was waiting to guide Mendy Fry back from her burnout.


#1 Fry was paired with #8 Julius Hughes.


















Hughes did his job and welded Fry to the tree (0.043 to a 0.235) but that was erased soon after the 60' mark.















Fry made a huge statement carding a 5.688 at 243.63. Hughes got his moneys worth running a 6.333 at 231.48.





Pair three matched Dusty Green and Tim Cullinan.



Green was shut off after his burnout leaving Cullinan to single for the win.







Saving parts, Cullinan shut off way early to a 9.265 at 95.25.





The final pair to see who would face Young in the semis was a pair of NorCal racers namely Adam Sorokin and Brendan Murry. Both have made more than a few trips back for this event over the last 15 years. Normally the odds makers would be all over Sorokin but this particular weekend the Champion car was out of sorts and Murry was on the improve. Coin toss.












Sorokin is the best leaver in the class and once again he proved it. He showed his ass end to Murry at the hit (0.042 to a 0.138) which would normally seal the deal.









At the tree Sorokin started hazing the tires.










Sorokin did a masterful job of pedaling but it was too little, too late. Murry hung on for what some would call an upset win with a 6.002 at 200.02. Sorokin carded a 6.396 at 221.92.







Then there was four, first up was Jim Young and Brendan Murry.














Both drivers left together.














It was a good ol' drag race to the 1/8th but Murry had issues and Young stopped the clocks with a 5.872 at 252.71 to earn his spot in the final.






The other pair to determine who would meet Young in the final were Mendy Fry and Tim Cullinan.


Cullinan's burnout or lack of was the first sign on problems.







After the failed burnout, Cullinan's crew detected a problem and shut him off.



Fry had a free ride to this final.






Fry ran an abbreviated 5.731 at 220.98 to set the stage for the final with Young.





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