Following the National Anthem the first pair was #1 Mendy Fry and #8 Jerry Hangey.










Playing it safe Fry didn't exactly saw down the tree but her 0.162 RT left Hangey's 0.586 RT in another time zone. Game, set, match.















Pair two was #7 Tim Cullinan and #2 Jim Young.







Cullinan got a 5 hundredth advantage on the tree but that was short lived.


















Young moved on to the semis.





Joey Haas was unable to make the call and that left Jim Murphy with a bye.














Hoping they got the data needed, Murphy shut off early to a 6.456 at 158.99.





Finishing out round one was Adam Sorokin and Tyler Hilton. SBC vs BBC.










As he does so well Sorokin nailed Hilton to the tree. Huge holeshot.














The race was all Sorokin --- until it wasn't.



Hilton is a MPH car, Sorokin is not. For whatever reason the Champion car went silent and a never quit Hilton drove by on the top end. His 5.952 at 250.92 overcame the starting line advantage and sent Sorokin's 6.112 at 172.32 back to California.





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