Hot Rod Magazine
November, 2004


Ewald Bros. - BankAmericar - Restored 1969 AA/FD

The first Dragster to grace the cover of Hot Rod Magazine in over 35 years!


Aside from the cover there is a seven page feature!

If you don't think that the Cacklefest craze has had an impact on the automotive world - this will prove you dead wrong!





Hot Rod - 40 years ago. What goes around, comes around ... keep it comin'!



Don, Hello from FEDhead Clint, membership clerk of FEDA. Front Engine Dragsters of America. I can't tell you how happy I am to see your car on the cover of Hot Rod. The first in 35 years is quite an honor and rightly belongs to the man who has done more for the Front Engine Movement than anyone! Congratulations! You clearly deserve it! Love your site and encourage all our members (500 in all) to buy memberships to WDIFL. You're my hero. Clinster




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