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Among all the cool things the Goodguys had planned for the weekend was the unveiling of the March Meet Champions board. Fortunately they were able to pull this one off and had 9 of the drivers pose for photos on Friday.


L to R: Art Chrisman (1959), Don Garlits (1965, 1971, 1979, 1986 & 1987), Gary Beck (1984 & 1985), Butch Blair (1988), Pete Kaiser (1995), Bill Dunlap (1994 & 1997), Jim Murphy (1998, 1999, 2003 & 2004), Jack Harris (2001 & 2002), Howard Haight (2005).



John Drummond with Art Chrisman and Don Garlits


Two time winner Gary Beck


Four time winner Jim Murphy


Two time winner Jack Harris


Two time winner, Bill Dunlap.


1995 winner Pete "Fritz" Kaiser


2005 winner Howard Haight



Friday night featured the annual Goodguys VRA Awards Banquet. Here are some representative shots from the event. Goodguys Media Director, John Drummond served as the master of ceremonies.



Rick White won the championship in a tight Top Fuel battle.



For the third year in a row Scott Parks was the Jr. Fuel Champion.


Canadian Claude LaVoie captured the A/Fuel crown.


Funny Car champ Larry Pettit



D Gas Champion Ed Carey


Nostalgia III Champion Craig Wallace


Nostalgia II Champion Robert Lander


B Gas Champion Bob Patten


AA Gas Champion Chris Abbey


C Gas Champion Steve Galileo


A Gas Champion Steve Castelli


"Papa Joe" Furiani was a popular winner in the Hot Rod class.


Among the non champions in attendance were Don Ewald, Kenny Youngblood, Kin Bates, Terri Youngblood and ?.


Too cheap to pay the $7.00 cover charge at the Double Tree bar, a few of us went across the street to the Black Angus. Youngblood pulled out the tools of his trade and started doing a sketch for "Jet Car" Bob Smith.




Blood whipped out this for Jim Sorensen - full of inside jokes.


In honor of Jack Williams 'Blood whipped out an unofficial MM poster featuring the Crossley-Williams-Swann 1963 AA/FD.



The Cheetah III team setting up came in less than ideal weather conditions.


Everybody's hero - Gene Adams


Obviously in no hurry, on Friday Tom Shelar prepared a spare bullet for the High Speed Motorsports Top Fuel car.


Rain or shine Garlits had an endless line of fans for autographs.


Adam Sorokin tries to keep his chute dry while packing it on Friday.


Photog Bob Brown asked if Rich Raymond could get his NE1 car on WDIFL - ask and you shall receive.



The Goodguys and racers were not the only ones nailed by Mother Nature. There were dozens of vendors who also bit the big one including sweetheart Orah Mae Millar.


Norm Weekly and his class act Frantic Four Racing set up didn't do any better.


Phil & Mousie man the Full Throttle News camp.


Jim Davis debuted his very cool Racecars in Copper line.



The cold weather gave all the Standard 1320 members a great chance to wear their heavy jackets.



Two of the best old time photogs at wait -- Jim Phillipson and Tim Marshall.



On Friday John Drummond was still smiling. Not so Sunday afternoon.


John & Don Ewald were using Bobby Rahal's old IRL headsets to communicate from both ends of the track. This allowed the top end shooter to know who was in what lane. Worked great.
Bob Brown Photos



Garlits had his Swamp Rat III on hand and ready to run but like so many other things, it didn't happen.



One thing was for sure, bench race sessions (second liar didn't have a chance) were ramped all weekend.



Joining Parker Ave. in Pomona, the Famoso track is now - you can read.


Between Friday and Saturday the hard working Famoso track crew tried several times to dry the track. This was their last effort on Saturday that led to the TF qualifying session.






Jack Harris knows how to get coverage on WDIFL.com




Saturday night a Memorial for Jack Williams took place at the Double Tree. However, I would call it a Celebration of Life as there were more laughs than tears. Jack was a funny guy!

John Drummond kicked things off with his memories of Jack - some serious, many funny.


Goodguys CEO Gary Meadors had some fond memories of his years with Jack.


Blake Bowser was Jack's right-hand-man at Famoso and continues to oversee daily operations at the track with his dad Bill.


At this point the current voice of drag racing, Dave McClelland worked the large room of Jack's friends. He started with the legendary and ageless Art Chrisman.


Carolyn Williams Wailin had the scoop on Jack - she was married to him twice.



Sue Brizio, wife of racer Andy and mom to Roy. And good friends of Carolyn's and Jack's.


I believe this lady was involved in one of Jack's five marriages.


Gene "Geno" Gastelum is the grease that makes the wheels turn in the pits for all Goodguy race events. He worked with Jack a lot.



I don't know this guys name but if you've ever raced at Bakersfield you've seen him at the starting line. He's a full time employee at The Patch and one hard worker.



Ann Crossley, Aunt Sue (Crossley) Berry - (Bill Crossley's sister). Beth Crossley (daughter of Bill) for whom Jack Williams drove for in the '60's. The non girl is Dan Kaplan.


Not sure who these folks are but they have the rainbow behind the new Jack A. Williams Way sign photo given to the family by John O'Neill.


Henry Walther and Bob McLennan with ?.


Bakersfield resident and long time track event worker Gary Edwards with Jack's daughter, Lori Saller.



Garlits was in a great mood all weekend and we had a chance to share some war stories - obviously funny one.



For the second night in a row Terri Youngblood was up on the tires and keeping everybody amused. It was suggested she should get a gig as a stand-up comedian. Her audience at this moment, in part, is Blake and John Bowser (3rd and 4th from left) who are responsible for operations at Famoso.


Big and John Ewald


The Peckerhead Group (Clay Smith Cams) were out in force.


WDIFL photog Bob Brown got out from the camera long enough to get a shot with Big.
You can order prints from Bob at:
BB Photos


The room was packed and unfortunately we didn't get a lot of the guests names.


Bob McClennan and Carolyn on left.


"Jet Car" Bob Smith, Cynthia Carpenter and John Ewald.



Tom Cirrillo, Don Garlits and George "The Bushmaster" Schreiber. What a trio this is.


Brad Thomson was all smiles after his first round 5.86 win.


Jason Ellis is another excellent photographer who's work is featured on WDIFL. Check out he website where you can look at his work or buy some prints:



If nothing else there was a lot of warm-ups in the pits. Here's a few.


Howard Haight


Sean Bellemeur


Bill Dunlap



Rick McGee



Shannon Stuart


Rick White


Brett Harris


Jim Murphy



After going through over 2500 photos and building 5 pages over the last week I've had it. This is it for now. More photos will go up when I have time. Hope you enjoyed the 2006 (abbreviated) March Meet coverage on WDIFL.

If you enjoy our style of nostalgia coverage let me know because its a lot of work. If nobody cares I'll be like everybody else and just throw a bunch of random shots on a page and call it good.
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Some of the photos on this page are available in color prints. For photographer contact info email:
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