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This was a big deal for us left coast TF guys in 1973. A lot of hype for a ton of cars vying for the 32 spots. . Here are the "teams". I don't remember who ended up winning.










Don Ewald being pushed though the rain soaked pits of Pomona in 1973. This was named "the great rain out" as it took three weeks to finally get it off. Thankfully we lived about 45 minutes away so the layovers didn't kill us as it did many of the east coast racers.



One of the growing pains for the RED's was push bar issues. It was not uncommon for the push board and/or push bar to fail resulting in the push car to climb up the rear tires and land on the engine/cage. Looking at the push board I'm guessing that the car slid to the right and broke the board. By the mid 70's this became a rare event as chassis builders made stouter push boards and racers paid more attention to the line-up of the push board. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in one of these fiascos.




It wasn't limited to the fuel cars.



Dennis Baca and James Warren match race at Fremont in 1975.


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