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Les Allen had a bit of a problem in T.B. Smallwood's car at Indy in 1972. Damn near landed in his lap.



After a marginal 1972 debut the Lisa & Rossi car, with a new wing, paint scheme and driver (Danny Ongais), the "Ironing Board" ran the 1973 season and recorded a top speed of 243. The car loved to mile an hour but refused to ET with the other top runners. It was deemed to be too heavy (the bane of most streamline or wedge cars) and was retired in favor of a conventional Woody car.



This shot never gets old. Roger and James in their massive shop.



Jeb Allen from the stands of OCIR in 1979.



The late Johnny Abbott in his Jet-X car at Indy in 1978.



John Rodek in his first attempt at running an RED in 1971 at OCIR.



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