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1971 NHRA Supernationals - Ontario Motor Speedway. Twin-engine dragsters were not uncommon in the NHRA gas classes, but this pair is a great contrast of design ideas built to achieve the same result. Some of the differences are: front engines vs rear engines, full bodywork vs semi-open rail, blown Chevys vs blown Hemis, wing vs wingless. At top is Jim Bucher's Kenner SSP-sponsored twin Chevy front-engined digger. This is the common setup—inline twins up front. Contrast that with the Dom Paris twin Hemi rear-engined dragster. Very rare setup. Although 1971 marked the final year for Top Gas classes in NHRA for that era, Paris did came back in '72 with a light nitro mix to run Top Fuel for a short time. This also marked the last call for forward mounted engines, which were all but gone from the winner's circle after 1972.



ProComp Art Nolte at Irwindale in 1976. Check out the supercharger set up



Dennis Baca hooked up at Fremont in 1976.



Bernie Schacker at a 1970 AHRA race with what many feel was the first successful RED. Historians, including WDIFL, give Garlits the #4 spot with his 1971 car. Unfortunately for the first 3 (Schacker, the Kaiser Bros. and Dwane Ong) did not have the credentials or performance to influence the entire sport to throw their FEDs in the trash and follow the leader.



The late master painter Bill Carter in 1974.



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