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Here are a couple of shots from a photo shoot Tom McEwen did with his Hot Wheels dragster at Lion County Safari that was located close to OCIR. Here is the Readers Digest version in his own words.

The keeper, who was standing at my side, told me to start walking to the car slowly, which I did just like I had good sense.

The cheetahs were all around me, and one snarled low in his throat as I inched by. Getting to the car, I leaned against the slick. One of the cats just sat there, slowly tilting his head from side to side, sizing me up. It wasn't a real comfortable feeling.

Alan Earman, (the photographer) also surrounded by cats, kept his cool, firing off several rolls of film. Fast wearing out our welcome, the keepers circled behind us throwing out more meat. The beasts quickly lost interest in our scrawny butts and headed for the newly laid out buffet. With our hearts finally returning to a fairly normal rhythm, we set the Olympic speed record for loading a race car!

It was pretty damned amazing stuff; I can't believe that it's never been duplicated. With the new car completed, now came the true test. Would it perform to the same level as its twin, the ride that had accomplished so much for Garlits?




Hirata and Hobbs with Phil Hobbs in the seat in 1971.



Rick Ramsey in the original Keeling & Clayton RED during the 1972 NHRA Winternationals.



Dave Uyehara a bit over center during the 1971 Supernationals at OMS.



Terry Capp getting ready to fire up at Edmonton in 1975. Bernie Fedderly over the engine with clutch guy Ron Baxter to his right.



Howard Haight in Ron Cochram's short lived 426 hemi car. Known for their strong running BBC powered TF cars the hemi switch became necessary if they wanted to stay competitive. I believe this car only ran a few races in 1978.



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