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Rick Ramsey in the 1973 version of the Keeling & Clayton California Charger at OCIR. John Keeling behind the wing. Sid Waterman, Lou Baney and Holly Hedrich at the rail.



The Vel's - Parnelli Jones fueler at Irwindale. It was bought in 1975 to basically showcase the new Firestone drag tires. The effort ultimately failed and Firestone never gained a great following in the fuel ranks. Danny Ongais was in the seat of this beauty and I don't believe it ran even a full season. I'm sure the car was sold and run by someone else in 1976. Don Prudhomme running up on the left.



Gary Ormsby in the Ormsby & Herbert TF at OCIR in 1976.



Herm Petersen heating the tires at Edmonton in 1977.



James Warren in the first WCM RED. Roger Coburn standing.



James Warren in the Rain For Rent Spec. during the 1975 Northwest Nationals.



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