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OCIR 1975 when the weekend warriors known as the Berry Bros. had just about had their fill (of drag racing anyway). The Donovan was wounded so they stuck the 392 affectionately known as "the boat anchor" in for a 2nd round battle. We lost the race but Dad was proud of that time slip. He wrote "392" on the 6.28 ET before he put it on the wall in the garage next to all the others. Bob Berry's face is over the wing (closest to centerline). He's the one that look's like he's feeling as much pressure as the driver (Dwight Hughes). By the way...who took this picture? I want to be able to give credit where credit is due! Awesome shot!



Art Nolte in the turbo charged Nolte & Hogg AA/DA at Irwindale in 1976.



Gary Cornwall in Ed Wilson's "Battle Born" car in 1974 at Fremont. Cornwall and his brother were also into nitro drag boats.



Shot from the pit side stands, Bob Williams and what looks like a Jr. Fuel car ready to push start at OCIR in 1973.



Vaughan Raviart's Outcast JR at Bakersfield in 1972.



Gary Beck with his signature leather hat in some kind of parade in 1975.



Ron Smith in the BBC powered "Rat Fever" at SIR in 1973.



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