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Opening with a couple of GB (Gary Beck) shots in his two best known cars. Above is the Beck & Peets Export "A" car at Bakersfield in 1975. Below is the Beck & Peets Thursh sponsored fueler at OCIR in 1976. At the time the Export "A" deal was one of the first big none automotive related sponsorships. (Canadian cigarette Co.). Thrush was a Canadian muffler mfg.



John Blanchard and Gary Montgomery's car at a RED at OCIR. This was a Uyehara car that belonged to Montgomery, Blanchard provided the power. It was Gary's intentions to ultimate drive the car, but after a few laps at Fremont, he changed his mind. They put the late Gary Cochran in the seat for most of 1975 and beyond. The car was previously driven by NorCal local stand out Denver Schutz.




Gary Cornwall in Ed Wilson's Reno based "Battle Born" car in 1976 during the March Meet. Cornwall and his brother were also into nitro drag boats.



The late Gary "Blazin'" Hazen in his "Panic" fueler during the 1974 March Meet.



Herm Petersen heating the tires at OCIR in June of 1973. This could very well be the run that almost killed him. Right time, correct lane. Everyone knows the story, or think they do,.



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