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Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. Drag Racers are just some of special people who have helped the Foundation succeed in granting the heartfelt wishes of children. The Make-A-Wish Foundation® is able to share the power of a wish® thanks to people like these.



Wearing the Simpson Make-A-Wish helmet (signed by all the top drivers at the event), Bob Muravez fires up the Western Hoist Special Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster at the California Hot Rod Reunion on October 4, 2003


Bob 2


Mike 1
At the same event, wearing another (Bell) Make-A Wish helmet, Mike Boyd made two 200 MPH runs in Mousie Marcellis' "Winged Express" AA/Fuel Altered. The helmet visor is lettered "We Love The Kids".


Mike 2


Jim & Monika
Monika Gilbert (event organizer) and Jim Davis get ready to kick off the very special day held at Fuddruckers (upscale hamburbers etc.) in Lake Forest, CA, It was a charity car show fund raiser for the OC Rescue Mission's Village of Hope. The Village of Hope provides assistance to battered women and the homeless. The Make-A-Wish kids were their special guests.


Gavan 1
Gavyn Bailey, wearing his new helmet, tries out the seat of the Winged Express -- he liked it, a lot!


Gavan 2
Gavyn drives, Mousie watches.


Gavan 3
Jim Davis helps Gavyn sign his name to the helmet that would go to Andy, one of the other boys.


Gavan 4
Then Gavyn, with Mike Boyd, signs the helmet Mike wore and he (Gavin) would receive.


Gavan 5
Gavyn hams it up with Jim Davis and Mousie Marcellis


Gavan 6
Gavyn looks quite small standing in the seat of the Johnson Family Jr. Fuel dragster.


Jack - Gavan
Jack Spraggins, Mike Boyd, and Gavyn Bailey in front of the Winged Express.


Jack & Jim
Jack looks over all the autographs on Andy's new helmet.


Jim Greer and was on hand to video tape the entire event. Here they tape an interview between Jim and Bob Muravez.


Gavan & Mike
Gavyn, holding 1010TV's boom mic, chatting with Mike Boyd while Mousie looks on.


Andy 1
The third boy, Andrew "Andy" Smith gets his turn in the seat of the Winged Express.


Andy 2
Andy's mom helps him sign Simpson helmet he would receive.


Andy 3
Bob Muravez explains the cockpit of a dragster to Andy.


Andy 4
Bob did his best getting Andy to wear his new helmet. He even showed Andy how it fits but to now avail. Andy didn't want to wear the helmet. I think he was overwhelmed with all the attention he was getting. In the background is Bob's wife and Ronnie Rapp with his dog.


Dennis - Ronnie
Speaking of Ronnie Rapp and his dog, here they visit with Dennis Prater who had his beautiful S&H Top Fuel dragster on display for the kids.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

On behalf of the Orange County Rescue Mission, Monika Gilbert (the event organizer), and myself I have to say thank you to some pretty special people for helping to make this event special for three very special little boys.

Those who made this special day happen:

"Mousie" Marcellis, Bill Pitts, Dennis Prater, Don Prieto, Ron and Kol Johnson for bringing your cars, their presence, as well as yours really helped make the day.

Bob Muravez and Mike Boyd who wore the helmets at the California Hot Rod Reunion, and then had them signed by the T/F teams a very special thank you is due. For being there Saturday to present the helmets to the Make-A-Wish kids really made the day. For me, as well as those kids, and I sure for each of you, it is a memory that will never go away. Also, the stuffed animals that Mike and his wife brought, as well as the T-shits that Mousie and Bob brought got super smiles.

Walter and Charles Huff, the badges were really special and the kids loved them.

Robert Briggs who was there taking pictures all day.

Jim Greer from 1010tv was there and said that some of the event will be on the net at some point. Those interested might keep an eye open for it. So thank you Jim!

Carol, the little flags were a hit with lots of kids. To Ken Kull your T-shits got lots of smiles, the kids thought they were neat. To Darielle, the hero cards were great. To Ronnie Rapp thanks for bringing the hats, tire gauges, and trading cards for the crowd. Oh, somehow I think that John Ewald also had a hand in that.

John & Don Ewald and George Crittenden are letting the kids view their websites. Jim Murphy for creating a special page on his site ( just for them.

Last but not least, all the crew members who attended and helped make this a very special day. Your effort are very much appreciated!

My own personal philosophy aside, I think Fred Vosk said it very well when he indicated that helping others is a way to help the image of drag racers. So to this entire group and the special folks mentioned above THANK YOU ALL! I sincerely hope we can do more things like this in the future.

Dr. Jim Davis

Drag Racers Day 2004

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