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Roger "Riceman" Lee
"Magicar" AA/FD (based on an actual car)


MagiCar 1

The "MagiCar" AA/FD was originally built by chassis guru Kent Fuller in 1963 . This replica was built using information from Kent & Evelyn Fuller, Kaye Trapp Photos, Bill Pitts and It has over 400 scratch built parts. It features functional steering, trick "Macicar" front axle and hand made front wheels. The scratch built, removable body is made of .016 brass and was hand formed over the detail 1/25 scale Fuller chassis that is complete with unique suspended inner frame (see below). For "power" Roger in stalled a super-detailed blown fuel 392 Chrysler hemi hooked to a completely scratch built drive line.

MagiCar side

Model with Lions Drag Strip background.



Here is the detailed driveline, cockpit and engine. Yes, the spark plug wires are in the correct firing order. 



With the tail section removed, the working rear suspended inner chassis can be seen.




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