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Very early photo of modern space-frame, '66 Comet Logghe FC No. 1, soon after early 1966 test runs at Palm Beach Intl. Raceway, Florida. Note the headers, still with collectors. These were soon replaced with individual header pipes that were swept back and out, under the chassis and body. This car and those that followed dominated FC racing for two seasons. Logghe cars dominated FC for nearly a decade after.



The Akins & Hardcastle "Stinger" Astin Martin driven by Gary Sutherland in 1967. It was born as a AM/SP car and then converted to run the budding funny car craze. So, wasn't a funny car per-se but a forerunner for sure.




This is the chassis of Dale Armstrong's "Canuck" that was a steel 1964 Chevy II that he gutted and installed a blown SBC. This photo graphically illustrates how archaic the early "floppers" were. Just take a moment to contemplate the so-called drivers seat/cage. Then picture today's funny car cockpits.


How many of us who raced in SoCal took the weekly trek to 10,000 R.P.M. Speed Shop to buy nitro and other weekend necessities. The answer is a bunch. It was ether here or Mickey Thompson's that the most addictive drug we know was sold. If I remember correctly it was a whopping $5.50 a gallon.



Richard Rogers in the Austin & Grassi Fuel Cuda at Calgary in 1967. It was obviously a dragster turned flopper to cash in on the new funny car craze. This car has been restored and can be seen at selected cacklecar events.



Jim Hodges in his "Banzai" wagon at Calgary in 1974.



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