Funny Cars 1965-1979

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Frank Oglesby from Atlanta, Georgia. This is the Mustang he campaigned in 1970, powered by a Ford 427 SOHC mill.



McEwen's second funny car overall, and his first Duster. Exhibition Engineering chassis and Ramchargers 426 hemi. At Irwindale, mid-to-late 1970.



Kelly Brown in the original Wonderwagon of Don Schumacher at Lions. The body choice was obvious as it was suppose to be a loaf of Wonder Bread. However, it proved to be as aerodynamic and a loaf of bread and soon gave way to a conventional body.



Although he did drive all of them, Rich Guasco was another tipple threat starting with front engine dragsters, moving to his famous Pure Hell AA/FA and finally this Dodge flopper. Shown here is Elwin (Honker) Carlson in the seat who was replaced by Dave Beebe. This was a Dodge Demon body that was switched back and forth with the Soapy Sales Dodge Challenger body that was mostly run at the national events.



Mike VanSant in the Stone Woods & Cook Swindler II Mustang at Lions.



Gervase O'Neil in his King Rat Camaro at Lions.



Gary Hazen on the topend of Lions in his Panic! flopper.



Clint Miller getting a bit toasty in the Mountain Monza out of Colorado at Pomona.



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