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This classic shot from Fontana in 1965 was called "Who Got the TV". Its the Howard Cams Special on the night they raced the Surfers with their duct tape and cardboard reinforced engine in the final round for the money.

From LtoR: Holly Hollingsworth, Jerry Johansen, Bob Downey, Roy Miersch, Tom Crabtree, Don Madden, Nick Arias Jr. and Richard Dietz.

As for the TV, the answer came from Brett Johansen. "That TV was in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember (up through the mid 80’s and it still worked but was only able to get stations via rabbit ears)…….lol."



1963; Lions Drag Strip; Jeep Hampshire in the Goss-Hampshire AA/FD. It had Dick Goss' engine in Chet Herbert's car. This arrangement did not last long as Goss did not like using Chet's experimental cam. It was the first car to exceed 190 mph (190.46) at Bakersfield.



1966 NHRA Winternationals; Top Fuel R1: Jim Dunn in the Dunn & Yates car out on Dave Mackenzie. Dunn took the win with a 7.72/202.70 to 7.78/198.22.



1966 NHRA Winternationals; Top Fuel round two; titanic clash between Warren-Coburn and The Surfers. The win to James 7.57/208.32 to Mike's 7.60/209.30. Sorokin would return the favor a couple weeks later by beating Warren both Saturday and Sunday at the March Meet in Bakersfield.



This is the first of 6 shots from Fontana circa 1963-67 without ID's, any help is appreciated.




Classic flag start.






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