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4-Wide is not a new thing. Here is one of many 4 wides held at Freson in the mid 60's. Here Bob Walters of Lansing, MI who made several race trips to the west coast, Jeep Hampshire in the Stellings & Hampshire car, Unknown ID- anyone have an idea? and James Warren driving the Warren & Coburn Chevy powered fueler.

Fresno invited a lot of teams to participate in those four wide races, but only the bravest drivers and teams were up for it. We left the decision up to Mike Sorokin, and he said he would rather not do it. Nothing ever went wrong with those four wide races that I know of, but you have to appreciate everyone's concerns about the whole idea. We were all just trying to have some fun, not end up wounded... or worse.
tom Jobe...



As John Mulligan starts hazing the tires, Steve Carbone is ruining John Bateman's day. At the hit the blower launched faster than the car landing on the Hanna nose. Even in the day, cha ching. OCIR 1967.



Steve Carbone heats up his tires prior to the "Great Burndown" with Garlits at the 1971 U.S. Nationals.



The late Steve Carbone and Dwight Salisbury's nose in 1971.



The late great Tom "The Mongoo$e" McEwen in the Bivens & Fisher "Checkmate" car at Carlsbad in 1966.



Chris Karamesines in one of his many Fuller cars. This was in 1968 at OCIR.




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