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Gerry Glenn - "Atlas Oil Tool Special" - AA/FD - OCIR, 1969

"Come the middle of June of that year, the car was no more; during the final round at Lions on that Saturday evening, the clutch came apart in the lights, cutting the car in half, sending Gerry tumbling through the traps end over end. The cage came to rest at the outside of the right lane (the car started out in the left lane) with Gerry partially hanging out of it - the quick release buckle getting caught up under his chin kept him from being thrown out completely. He was unconscious when help arrived but he came through with just a broken left (clutch pedal) foot.

Bateman quickly had Woody build a new short-bodied car which never got painted; Pat Foster drove it till Gerry healed up and by the end of the year he was back in the saddle. By 1970, Big John got the funny car fever and had Woody build him his first - a Maverick bodied car which your good buddy John Collins dumped on its first weekend out, if I remember correctly, when air pressure induced body sag caught the scoop-less Hilborn that John liked to use and kept the throttle open. Remember now, this was after Collins had crashed twice while driving for Dave McKenzie in his Goodyear Blue Streak Special. John rebuilt again - another Pinto FC that John again drove and this one stayed out of trouble." Photo and commentary by "Digger" Ralph Guldahl.



Don Ewald - "Mason, Kay & Ewald" - AA/FD - 1970. Rob Mason and Jack Kay went fuel racing out of the blue. Neither had ever had any kind of race car prior to this. This was not a bad ol' hot rod, but we ended up putting their engine in my Buttera car and did quite well.



Another classic view of Lions in 1963 from a spectators angle. The car in the near lane is "Wild Bill" Alexander in the Ernie's Camera AA/FD racing the "Howard Cams Twin Bear" with Jack Chrisman up.



Nice AA/FD shot by Alan Earman from the old tower at Lions.



John Mulligan in the Adams-Wayre-Mulligan fueler at Lions in 1966.



Jr. Fueler from the old tower at Lions.



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