2009 Winternationals


Sunday in the pits... AND First Round

Normally we don't cover any of the NHRA Big Show and there is one reason for that. Because we cover our history and not current Big Show events, the kid at NHRA Media won't recognize WDIFL as a "legitimate media" . This is a from a guy who wasn't even a thought the last time a front engine Top Fuel dragster competed at a NHRA national event. Be that as it may, we will fill a void here with some great shots by John Ewald and Bob Brown who were forced to shoot from the stands.



 photog Bob Brown and The Vipe.





In a role reversal, Nostalgia Top Fuel standout Brad Thompson (behind left rear tire) was out helping his tuner, Steve Faria who was driving a Big Show Top Fuel car. Faria, who just got his license upgraded to TF lost first round.





Up in the stands, hoping to finally see some racing on Sunday, was the The Steve and Gordy Gibbs clan.


Paula Karamesines Baldwin, Katie Capps (Lil John Buttera's granddaughter) and Krista Baldwin (the Greek's granddaughter).


Leigh Buttera Capps, John Ewald and Paula Karamesines Baldwin. What's wrong with this picture?


Without question Doug Kalitta's first round fireball was one of the biggest and arguably the longest (intentionally under power) in history. Between Bob Brown in the bottom end stands and John Ewald in the top end stands they came up with the entire run -- quite spectacular to say the least.

























Some of the others....





























After 6 days of rain they fianlly got sunshine. John Ewald lives a mere 20 miles from Pomona Raceway so he had nothing better to do on a Tuesday than go to the digs and snap a few shots. Here they are.

Among the shots are Anton banging the blower and releasing his chute...Ashley being very late and Head very near the wall...Fast Jack being too fast...some very close runs...just some flavor of the day.



With most of the sportsman racers and first round losers gone, the pits were pretty roomy.



Finding a good seat was NO problem.






























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