2014 NHRR




Top Fuel First Round One


Following the National Anthem, Tony Bartone was out first for a single when Roger Lechtenberg was unable to fire as the throwout bearing hung up on the candlestick, engaging the clutch.







Tony had really good early numbers.















Pair two pitted #7 Lincoln Hassell against #2 Dave Hirata.











Hassell's car died at the hit leaving Hirata to single.









Hooked up and hauling ass....


Hirata's 5.743 would stand as low ET of the meet.






The third pair featured Dave Miller and Jim Young.











Young did not have a great reaction time but his 0.138 drilled a very late Miller's 0.420.














Young dipped into the fives winning this one handily. His 5.991 at 212.83 trumped Dave's 6.367 at 209.23.





The final pair of round one was Jim Murphy and Jerry Kumre Jr. who got in on the brake rule when Randy Bridges bowed out.













Murphy left first by a tenth and never looked back.




















Round Two


First pair was a feature match up - Jim Murphy and Tony Bartone.













Both cars left together.











They were side by side until Murphy's engine started going away allowing Bartone to power on for the win.









The other semi finals pair was Dave Hirata and Jim Young.








As Young backed up from his burnout, Hirata was dead in the water after the driveshaft shield came loose during the burnout.




In a Top Fuel show that was filled with singles, Young made yet another one to advance to the final.














The final featured Jim Young and the heavily favored Tony Bartone.






Young left first but Bartone caught him by the 60' mark.





















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