September 5-6, 2014

Holy Toledo!
Dean Oberg wins Saturday Night Nitro with a 5.96




Holy Toledo with Dean Oberg at the wheel won the September edition of Saturday Night Nitro with a 5.965 at 232.23. Runner Up was Jack Wright in the Joker with a 6.13.

Although they didn't win the race, for the second year in a row, Dan Horan Jr. and Ronnie Swearingen took home the top prize in the four race Boise Bakersfield Blitz.

Here are a few shots from the second Famoso installment of Saturday Night Nitro Bakersfield-Boise Blitz 2014. They are basically in chronological order.

Photos by Bob Brown and Ken Hughes. Commentary by Bob Brown and Don Hirsch






The first car on the track was Jim Murphy in his NTF car. Jim and his WW2 Racing team were on a mission testing new parts/ideas. They made several shots over the weekend.







Another Top Fuel car out testing for the upcoming CHRR was High Speed Motorsports with Bill Dunlap in the seat.






Tony Foti B/G



Bill Wood out of Fresno



Jimmy Morosan in Chuck Bayuk’s car.



Wes Anderson NE


Terry Ruckman testing his Big Show Alcohol Funny Car.



Brad Thompson in his Jailbreak was the first NFC to test the hot track.





Bob Godfrey in his Burnin' Money entry.





Robert Overholser in the California Hustler.




Donnie Watkins in Thunderstruck




TAFC shoe Shane Westerfield, who was upgrading his license in the Worsham Big Show car, was a no-show on Friday, so Del took the seat for a 330’ squirt on Friday afternoon.







Rod & Melynda Burbage’s Camaro




At 5 pm Murphy came back for his second squirt of the day.







Another Big Show Alcohol Funny Car testing was Mike Drake.




Don Hudson in the new "Beachcomber" Cuda.




Geno and Harley overseeing the pits.



Troy Ferry ProMod



Erratic Behavior ProMod



You take a large container, construct an enclosure on top of it and you have a new timing tower. This will give the announcers and track officials a much better view of the entire track and staging lanes. Its due to be race ready by the CHRR in October. (note- actually it is a pair of containers in tandem, side by side)











One of the great features of the Saturday Night Nitro events is all the other nitro teams doing test and tune runs. Terry Cox made a heat of the day pass of 5.94 at 241 with Gary Ormsby Jr and Gary Beck helping back the car up! Ron August had an anxious moment when the cowl popped up just off the line in the Mike Fuller entry,but he got it shut down safely. The always colorful Adam Sorokin looked good with passes of 5.88 and 5.99 shutting off early in the sleek Champion Speed Shop car. Rick Williamson had a nice 5.81 at 242 and a 5.89 252 to his credit. Dusty Green was in the Circuit Breaker and hit an afternoon 6.32 at 153 shutting off way early. Bill Dunlap ran a 5.89 at 213, and Rick White ran a 5.90 248. With Frank Ousley assisting, Jim Murphy clocked a 5.93 at 234, and Rick McGee shook down the new Tedford-McGee car to a 6.18 at 193.




Danny Gerber







Saturday saw the debut of the new Tedford & McGee fueler with Rick McGee in the seat. Here is its brief history as told by Darrell Tedford.

"This car was built by Dave Uyehara in 2010 for Bartone. After a few hits and one race (Boise) Tony didn't like the car, ill handling he said. I fixed that problem. I think when they painted the car they switched the mounting brackets on the front wing. After we got it home I was lookin at it from the back end and thought, the front wing looked OFF. Sure enough, I put a tape from the motor plate forward and Voila, a full inch off. I switched the mounts from side to side and it came in straight. BIG SMILE. It also had slip tubes on the bottom frame rails ( I welded them up ) and put more tubing in the floor K member, from the motor plate back. I also took some of the diagonals out of it plus 3 bays up front.

I told Rick I think this car will steer a little quicker than the old car, sure enough it dose. The second pass it went straight as a string. Rick really likes it . We still need to paint it, can't afford it right now so it'll be black for a while."







Next out was top fuelers a pair. Jim Murphy and Bill Dunlap. With only one photog, its hard to get both cars.










Westerfield showed up Saturday and made the three run attempts this day. First was at 12:30PM (shown here), second try was at 3:45 but they were shut off at the line due to a leak and then the third attempt Saturday night.





Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep for his first test.






Rick Williamson was on hand in Mike and Kathy Craig's Top Fuel car.





Rafael Quiroga AG



Something for everybody, the Fitzgerald and Bennett AA/FA. Jeff Bennett clocked a 7.60 in this new Pure Heaven, but a 'mysterious lean condition' forced an evening shut off on the line.




Yet another Top Fuel car getting ready for the CHRR was Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop entry of Bob McLennan.





Ron August trying some changes in the Mike Fuller "Forever Young" entry. There were more Top Fuel cars here testing than went through the gates of the New England Hot Rod Reunion.





Rick Rogers in the Fighting Irish Camaro and Rian Konno in the Kazanjian Lemon Konno Mustang got their test runs in.




Don Hudson had a bit of a problem backing up the Beachcomber.





Brad Thompson took another swing.




Mike Smith in his Crower sponsored digger. Rumor has it that Eily Stafford will be the new shoe in that car (formerly with Gruzen, Bayuk before that). Eily did backup girl duties at this SNN .



Richard Townsend for his first test run.



Dan Horan Jr.



Murphy was back for his third shot.







Terry Cox in the Cheetah IV got some track time.







Clayton Zulim A/FD



Ron August again with Donny Couch looking on.




Sorokin and Williamson paired up.



Although this was just for fun, it was one hell of a drag race. The match with was won by Adam by 3/10,000 of a second.


Sorokin's slower 5.88 at 205.76 nipped Williamson's 5.81 at 242.15.




With the relentless sun starting to set, Dusty Green in Bob Richardson's "Circuit Breaker".








Dean Lindsey A/G



Rick McGee, second run on new car.








This is Alcohol Funny Car standout Shane Westerfield upgrading his license in Chuck Worsham's Big Show nitro car. He made this pass about 7:45 with some beautiful tall torches the entire way to a 5.26 at 225.








Dan Hix in the "Heatseeker" AA/FA.




Saturday Evening - All Run For Spot in Quick 8


Saturday afternoon was Test & Tune with a few fuel cars running in the afternoon. All-run Funny Car qualifying began around 8:15 PM. The fast 8 then were slated to run at 10PM, but with delays, it started around 10:40PM. There were test runs by TF and FC's interspersed at random.

Starting off with, everybody loves a parade. Donny Couch and Mike English doing the intros.




















The first pair out was Donnie Watkins in the Thunderstruck Arrow alongside Rick Rogers in the Fighting Irish Camaro.



Watkins seemed to have problems staging,and left before the green,not receiving a time, while Rogers, possibly distracted, also shut off early to a 9.17 at 111.





Next up was Alex Miladinovich in the Hot 4 Teacher Mustang and Rian Konno in the Kazanjian-Lemon-Konno Mustang.



Konno charged to a solid 5.97 at 240, while Alex,out of the seat for a bit,hit a eased up 6.65 at 157.







Dean Oberg pushed the popular Holy Toledo Jeep to a stout 5.91 235 while newcomer Danny Gerber clicked it early to a 8.82 at 95 mph.






The always tough James Day went low with a great 5.75 at 242 in the Gary Turner owned Pedaler Challenger with Jack Wrights' Joker Challenger hitting a 6.33 at 214.








Todd Paton pushed the Crusher Camaro into the show with a 5.96 at 240.


After his burnout, Brad Thompson shut off on the line with problems.







In a wild match up, Dale Van Gundy slid around about the 700ft mark, eventually scraping the wall in the Quarter Pounder, while Roger Garten crossed the center line the in the Warhorse. Dale coasted to a 6.30 at 178 while Garten hit a 8.97 at 100 mph.









Bob Godfrey vs. Don Hudson








In the last pair, Dan Horan jr charged to a 5.81 at 249 alongside Robert Overholsers' Calif. Hustler at 6.25 at 235 to wrap up qualifying.





Qualifying- Quick 8

James Day 5.751
Dan Horan 8.818
Dean Oberg 5.910
Todd Paton 5.967
Rian Konno 5.970
Don Hudson 6.121
Robert Overholser 6.255
Bob Godfrey 6.289






Mike Ruggiero was out testing his Nitro Harley.



First TF cars out after the floppers were Bill Dunlap and Terry Cox.









Next out was Rick White and Jim Murphy







Rick Williamson





Sorokin lit up the night in the Champion car.









Boudakian Racing AA/FA



Keith Wilson spreading some nitro in his Witch Doctor AA/FA.




Adam Wimberley AA/FA



Ron August tried another lap but struck the tires at the hit.








Rian Konno ran a 6.43 at 179 on a single when Todd Paton failed to fire.




Dean Oberg ran a 5.965 at 232.23 which to everyone's surprise held for the low ET of eliminations. Bob Godfrey was in the other lane (no time).





James Day shook the tires and clicked it to a 10.83 at 77. Alex Miladinovich, in for Overholser on break rule ran a 6.11 at 233.





Jack Wright, in on the break rule for Hudson ran 6.136 at 212.33 in a close victory over Dan Horan Jr who carded a trouble plagued 6.19 at 200.






Summary: Holy Toledo with Dean Oberg at the wheel won the September edition of Saturday Night Nitro with a 5.965 at 232.23. Alex Miladinovich had the second quickest elapsed time of eliminations in his "Hot 4 Teacher" Mustang running a 6.118 at 233.08 while defeating James Day.

The favorite, Dan Horan got out of the groove, pedaled twice and ran 6.19 while the other favorite Day shook the tires, pedaled then coasted through. Konno had a single when Patton couldn't fire, car wasn't pulling so Rian saved the parts.






Dan Hix in the Heatseeker AA/FA






Near the end of the night Murphy came back for yet another pass.







The final nitro fix of the day came courtesy of Rick White in the Neil & White entry out of San Diego.










Day 3 for the Murphy test marathon.







The other TF car that stuck around was Mike Fuller. Ron August, his regular driver had another commitment so he put Mike Irwin in the car for the Sunday tests.


Kelly Irwin







Vindicator NE-1 from New Zealand.



Ray Padgett vs Jim Data in A/G.



Adam Wimberley



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