The first pair out for the last session was Jason Greenwood and Dusty Green. Neither were qualifited.



























Having smoked the tires on their only other attempt, the Nitro Hemi guys played it safe and tuned it to just get down the track. A 5.911 at 245.45 did just that securing the #6 spot for Green. Greenwood's 6.238 at 238.38 fell short leaving him #9.





The second pair out for the last session was Tim Cullinan and Mendy Fry. Fry was solidly n the show but Cullinan was not.























Fry's 6.207 at 155.33 was a far cry from her Q2 5.697 which was good for #3, Cullinan's 6.35 @ 177.81 left him on the outside looking in.





Next out attempting to make the show was Tyler Hilton on a single.














Hilton's 6.109 at 235.93 was good enough to come back on Saturday albeit #8.






Next out was Adam Sorokin who was sitting mid field and Paul Schultz who was still a DNQ.




















Sorokin continued to experience problems slowing to a 6.199 at 159.83 while Schultz remained at the bottom of the heap.





Next pair out featured the Big Dog redux from Q2. Tony Bartone and Jim Murphy pair up in what many saw as a possible preview of a final round match up.
































Bartone improved a tad with a 5.727 at 238.34 which was hardly the back breaking numbers we're used to seeing from the Champ. Murphy clicked it way early to a 6.372 at just 166.58 but remained #2 with his previous 5.692.





Next to last car was Dave Miller trying to improve on his #7 6.040.






Schultz smoked the tires at the hit.


Miller blazed the tires at the hit. He remained #7.


Paul pedaled and stabbed it again but not for long. Coasted through with a 12.045 74.29.







The final car out for session one was Julius Hughes who was not yet qualified.









Hughes improved but not enough, his 6.281 at 241.20 was only good for #10.





1) James Young, Salem, Wis., '07 FED, 5.618 seconds, 260.36 mph
2) Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa, Calif., '13 Neil & Parks, 5.692, 239.61
3) Mendy Fry, Los Angeles, Calif., '16 Hadman, 5.697, 244.65
4) Tony Bartone, Long Island City, N.Y., '16 Mckinney, 5.727, 243.68
5) Adam Sorokin, Glendale, Calif., '04 Sterling, 5.881, 185.21
6) Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill, Calif., '06 Neil & Parks, 5.911, 245.45
7) David Miller, Cedar Hill, Mo., '05 Neil & Parks, 6.040, 192.63
8) Tyler Hilton, Sharonville, Ohio, '12 Horton, 6.109, 235.93
9) Jason Greenwood, Racine, Wis., '10 Stirling, 6.238, 241.80
10) Julius Hughes, Gainesville, Ga., '11 Horton, 6.281, 241.20




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