Ruthie Hedge gave her signature rendition of the National Anthem followed immediately by the first pair of Top Fuel.



The first pair out to see who would move on was Tyler Hilton and Jim Young.







Neither driver had a sterling reaction time but Young did leave first.




RT aside, it mattered not for Hilton who blazed the tires before the tree.





Young went on to post a sub par (for him) 5.990 at 253.56.





Pair two matched Dusty Green and Mendy Fry. #6 vs #3.









Green won the backup person competition, sorry Walt.






Green got a big jump at the hit (0.063 to a 0.114) leaving Fry to play catch up.













Green had problems before half track as Fry motored by for the win with a 5.716 at 258.47. Green slowed to a 6.175 at 186.74.





Pair three was a real lop sided deal on paper but we don't race on paper. It was #2 qualifier Jim Murphy vs #10 Julius Hughes who was in on the break rule for Dave Miller.












Both drivers left together, Murphy carding strong early numbers.










In this case the paper proved to be foretelling as the Murphy train lengthened the lead over Hughes with a 5.723 at 245.72.






The final pair to determine who would move on to the semis was #5 Adam Sorokin and #4 Tony Bartone.













Both drivers cut a good light and basically left together. We had a drag race.













What proved to be the closest race of Top Fuel eliminations, Bartone took the win light with a 5.711 at 256.06 (which was a huge speed for him) to Sorokin's 5.737 at 246.84. The win eluded the Champion car due to another engine failure as seen below. Bartone's MOV: 0.0180 seconds (approximately 7 feet).







The first pair out for the semis had huge points implications pitting Mendy Fry, the leader and Jim Murphy sitting in the #2 position. It was also a rematch of the 2017 March Meet final that was taken by Fry when Murphy broke on the burnout.













Murphy got a slight jump off the line and never looked back.





















Murphy got there first with a 5.730 at 240.08 while Fry was right there with a game 5.817 at a big mph, 260.21. A rubber match is more than possible at Boise in August.





Pair two of the semis to see who would meet Murphy in the final was Jim Young and Tony Bartone.












For the second 2017 points race in a row Bartone went totally off script. When it was time to leave, he didn't. Another double step for the Champ allowed Young to motor on down Broadway virtually uncontested. T-Bone has lost his domination, big time.






Young carded a 5.894 at 256.06, Murphy would have lane choice. Now wrap your .head around this, Bartone's time slip read 22.212 at 71.75.






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