Pre race featued the annual Tulsa Raceway PinUp girl contest and it is serious. 2 or 3 costume changes. Miss USA level interview questions. Then they had to throw free flying discs, (can't use "Frisbee") into the crowd during oil down times. Totally uinique to Tulsa. 2 yrs ago, Tami Reid (Team High Speed) got a special award for travelling the longest distance for the contest.






The National Anthem was also a production as a giant American flag is lowered from the roof of the tower.



Sean Bellemeur, Troy Green and Tulsa Raceway Park's Todd Martin prior to eliminations.


Following the opening ceremonies the first pair to fire was Jim Murphy and Tyler Hilton. After his Q2 blower explosion Murphy et al really had to thrash to make the call, which they barely did..









Hilton grabbed .30 on the tree but Murphy soon reeled him in.












Murphy's snake bit season continued. In the rush to make the call Murphy didn’t tighten the strap on his helmet. He was ahead at half track when the helmet climed up over his eyes and he couldn’t see, thus the shut off allowing Hilton to rush by.




The other pair featured Tim Cullinan and Adam Sorokin.









Sorokin drilled Cullinan at the hit and never looked back.








Sorokin would get the single in round two.





Being the #1 qualifier, Mendy got the round one bye.














Mendy clicked it just a tad early to a 5.647 at 222.22 remaining heads above the field.








Leading off for the floppers was Dan Horan and Nancy Matter.








Horan took a slight jump at the tree.






At the other end it was Horan in what was one hell of a drag race. His 5.825 at 231.78 held off Matter's 5.876 at 241,54.



Pair two pitted Jeff Arend and Brandon Lewis.







Both cars left together.











Another great drag race which some would call an upset, Lewis took out the points leader with a 5.82 at 231.79. Arend was right there with a 5.87 at 242.54.




Like Mendy, Bobby Cottrell was the #1 qualifier which got him the round one bye.







Cottrell went on to card a 5.845 at 222.25.





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