2021 Nitro Nationals






Leading off the only time the cars would see the track in the heat of the day were Brendan Murry and Tyler Hilton.








Both cars improved with Murry carding a 6.188 at 200 and Hilton a 6.003 at 234.41.





After missing Q1 due to an engine swap, Jim Murphy came out for his one shot. In the left lane was Adam Sorokin for his second shot at the track.









Adam Sorokin at the hit.




Murphy laid down a conservitive 5.95 at 231.24 landing #3. Sorokin improved with a 5.926 at 225.74 which moved him into the #2 hole.





The final car trying to improve was Tim Cullinan.




Tim clicked it early and did not improve on his previous 6.115 which left him #5.








Jon Brook bringing Garry Wheeler into the beams in his Grand Prix Auto A/Fuel dragster.




My 1/8 mile weekend parking spot.


A/Fuel qualifying David Brown.




Rick Ewens made the trek from California to give Bates a challenge but he broke and failed to make the call for round one.



Sabrina Capps lost to Wheeler in the siemis.


That thing again.






Taking the Tim Wilkerson approach to drag racing, Dan Horan Jr. had the first round bye and chose to go first. Get it done, move on.






Confident in their tune-up and a equal lane drag strip, Horan got the data and shut it off to a 6.294 at just 156.26.





The first pair pitted Tim Cullinan and Tyler Hilton.




Cullinan got a sligh jump on the tree and with Hilton smoking the tires, he went on to take a 6.03 at 213.40 win.







Pair two matched Jim Murphy and Brendan Murry. On paper Murry was a major underdog. But we don't run drag races on paper.





Murphy got a 3 hundreths jump.




Murphy was extending his lead until the 800' mark when the #5 hole died and he was forced to shut off. Murry never gave up and drove around with a 6.212 at 194.10. Murphy slowed to a 6.392 at 164.01 and saw any hope of a 5th championship go south.





The final pair to see who would move on was local favorite Garry Wheeler and California hitter Adam Sorokin.





Both cars left together. Kudos to Wheeler for staying with one of the best leavers in the class.




Wheeler stepped up big time running a 5.989 at 227.11 in a game attempt to better Sorokin's winning 5.902 at 231.75.







The only pair in funny car were Kamaka Pocock and Jeff Gregory.





Pocock got a good jump and never looked back. His 5.84 at 239 covered Gregory's early shut off 7.592 at 118.94.





Here's Bobby....


Odd number cars, low qualifier Cottrell got the single.



Bucky sent Bobby on a full pass for the fans that netted a 5.674 at 246.39.






With four cars remaining, first out was Dan Horan Jr. and Tim Cullinan.


Cullinan got a huge jump on the tree (.036 to a .156) but Horan had that covered by the 330' mark and drove on to a 5.605 at 262.13 (top speed) win. Tim clicked it to a 6.234 at 188.91.




Brendan Murry could not complete his engine swap in time to meet Adam Sorokin so it was a single for the Champion Speed Shop car.




Sorokin gave it a hit and carded a 5.948 at 225.48.






A/Fuel featured a full field and boiled down to local Garry Wheeler and current champ Kin Bates.



Wheeler left first by four hundredths but his 6.277 at 216.24 couldn't hold off Bates 6.166 at 205.32.








There was no semis for funny car only a final that matched current champ and favorite Bobby Cottrell and Kamaka Pocock.









Pocock got the better light and it was a good drag race to the 1/8th mile.



Cotterll went on to take the win with a 5.636 at 248.80 making 2021 game, set, match. Pocock ran a game 5.811 at a faster speed, 249.72.






It was the #1 and #2 qualifiers in the top fuel final. Sorokin vs Horan.







Sorokin, known for his starting line reaction times, left first by a bunch (.066 to .111) leaving Horan to play catch-up.







After catching and passing Sorokin at the 1/8th mile, Horan claimed Top Fuel Eliminator while practically clinching the 2021 Heritage Series Points Title. Horan posted a 5.64 in his Fritz Kaiser-prepped 426 Hemi while Sorokin kept Horan honest with a .066 reaction time and a game 5.83 in his small-block Chevy-powered Champion Speed Shop machine. Horan left Tulsa with 431 points in the NHRA Heritage Series Points. That is 112 more than Sorokin who now holds 2nd place. By merely entering and showing up at the season finale at Bakersfield, Horan can not be caught in the points.






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