ADRA Fallon, NV - Top Gun Raceway - April 13-15, 2001

 WDIFL Exclusive Fallon Photo CD
The only successful event ADRA ever held...
plus bonus photos from ADRA - Cordova, IL)


The ill-fated (fraud) ADRA is a chapter of drag racing history most people would like to forget. As much as we wanted it to be a real deal... it was simply too good to be true. However, the $10,000 to win pro purses brought an incredible field of cars to their first (the beginning of the end) race at Fallon, NV and there were plenty of photographers there to cover the action. Now over 1100 of the best of the best are available to you in hi-res files on CD for just $14.95.


 Fallon The CD

Long story short - ADRA (American Drag Racing Association) was a great idea stolen and implemented by the evil mind of a slick con man. It's lifespan was slightly longer than a house fly. MANY people lost money and faith in promoters - not a new thing.

That said... in spite of one Bill Chapman (if that was his real name) and the suckers who backed him, the ADRA inaugural event - held on Easter weekend, 2001 (how dumb is that?) - was one hell of a drag race. Maybe one of the best nostalgia Top Fuel races ever.

Included on the CD are 4 angles of the "2000+ Years of Drag Racing" photo (above) that includes most everybody who was anybody in drag racing for the last 40 years. Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, CJ "Pappy" Hart, Steve Gibbs, Larry Sutton, Jon Lundberg, Jim McLennan, John Bradley, Walt Stevens, Bill Dunlap, Dale Pulde, Bob Smith, Ted Gotelli, Bill Alexander, Cloy Fitzgerald, Don Prieto, Mousie Marcellis, Tony Waters and MANY more.





You read the header right - over 1000 high quality (11" wide - suitable for printing) photos from one race! And bonus photos from the "Check Bouncing Nationals" (Cordova) - the second and - for all intent and purpose - last event for ADRA.



Night qualifying - every car that ran.



Top end chute shots - tons of 'em.


Jason Howell

Full coverage of the infamous Reno Casino parking lot burn out show.


Vicky Fanning


Langston's Lady's

Scenic shots galore.........


Orange Crate

Top Fuel Winner - "The Orange Crate"



Up close - wide angle - Fuelers, Funny Cars, Fuel Altereds and all the class cars right down to the stockers.




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