Day One
Saturday, February 8th 1969
Wilmington California, Lions Drag Strip

By Todd Hutcheson



Saturday morning in southern California. Morning cartoons, waffles with Log Cabin syrup, milk and the morning paper. Maybe later mow the lawn and take the family for a little drive. Typical family. But not this family. Having worked all week, this is where their fun starts. This family of three is up early and in a long line to enter a race. They have done this almost every weekend of their adult lives. The young son curled up on the front seat, with his head on moms lap. Dad rests his hand on the boy's leg.

The Book of History is opened and the Pen of Records will record the events of the next two days. One name will top the events and start a new page of legendary victories. The name: Larry Dixon Sr.

Standing in the staging area at Lions Drag strip with his close friend George, Larry watches as the diggers drive around behind them off the rollers and prepare for a burn out and qualification run.

Larry: "Who are you going with?"

George: Ahhh…I'll say Carl Olsen, for sure."

Larry: "You sure? Alright I'll take Ruth; I think Jerry can take lower E.T."

George: "I'll put a buck on it; Carl will have a lower E.T. than Jerry Ruth."

Larry: "Bitchin', easy money, you gota' bet."

The two top fuelers staged for the early morning qualifying runs. Jerry Ruth on the right and Carl Olsen driving the Ewell, Bell & Olsen dragster on the left. Green! Both launched forward smoking the tires. The roar faded as they cleared the lights for the times. Ruth 7.74 and Olsen 7.27.

Larry: "Holy shit! How did you know Olsen would take him?"

George laughing: "I am The Stone Age Man! It's all in the sound, a sharp sound. Olsen had him at the burn out, Larry. The ground shook and it sounded right. Look at the track"

Larry: "Bitchin' run…"

Just then Larry Sutton approached and announces, "Dixon! You're up soon, Danny and Jerry are looking for ya." Larry pats George on the back, "Thanks man, gota' go Hutch."

George: "Larry, what lane you taken?"

Larry: "Left lane, it's hot and sticky right about there." As he points to the spot.

George: "That a boy Larry, me too. I can smell a low E.T. coming up."

Larry is all smiles, "Cool…" Larry hurries off to join the crew of the Howard Cam Rattler. The crew is one of the best in the business. With owners Danny and Tony Porsche, motor man Jerry Johansen and Roy Miersch, Paul Armstrong and Raymond Masco as crew members, these guys are on the hot track and the Rattler is running fast and consistent with its 392 Chrysler hemi.

Larry joined up with them not long ago and it is a winning combination.



Sutton turned to George, puts his arm over his shoulder and asks, "So tell me, what you bring today, The Stone Age Man, Rat Trap or that US Turbine 1? Maybe you brought all three."

George smiles and said, "No not today, I am here to see Dixon drive that Howard Cam Rattler. That son-of-a-bitch is fast!"

Sutton: "Didn't you beat the Rattler back in Vegas?"

George: "That was with Rick Ramsey driving the Rattler, It was close man."

Sutton: "I heard it was one helluva show, a great race."

George: "Thanks to Ed Pink and Larry, it was great fun to work with those guys. Now I am here for Larry."

Just then Larry roars up in the Howard Cam Rattler followed by Roy and Jerry on foot. Waaaap! Ruuup! Rattt rattt rattt… the great serpent shakes the ground and gets the attention of all around.

Jerry walks up to his engine for a final listen. Waaaap! I join George in the staging area to watch the Rattler. George leans close to me and says; "You hear that? That is crisp. Look at the flames, short, even and blue in color, it's gone to thunder I tell ya. Larry's fast out of the gate, he's good, very good. Just watch him."

Larry stages the last light and holds still. Larry is all business; his timing is tack sharp.

Waaaap! The Rattler jumps forward with a hint of smoke and Larry takes it straight down the middle to the end, textbook run. E.T. 7.04 The Lions track announcer states that Larry Dixon has the Low E.T. of the meet. George looks at me with great satisfaction. He knows Larry has the right stuff, the right ride and all day to do his thing.


Larry Dixon Sr. and his Fireside Inn Roadster AA/FMR


Although Larry is an accomplished motor man, and had driven his own dragster like the beautiful and famous Fireside Inn Roadster and the Smirnoff AA/FD for Darryl Greenamyer. He knows when to not mess with a top-notch crew like Danny and Tony Porsche, Jerry Johansen and Roy, Paul and Raymond. The Howard Cam Rattler has always been a top contender and has had it share of talented drivers. Larry works at Ed Pink Racing Engines, so Larry knows what a ground shaking fire breathing top fuel engine should behave like. Ed Pink had taught Larry the signs to read and what to look for. He went to school with the best.

Larry likes the set up. It allows Larry to be Larry, the happy, joking funny man at the races. That's why he's in it, for the fun. Anyone who knows Larry Dixon knows he is a humble, honest gentleman. If you're his friend, that's all you'll ever need. He is easy to spot, he is the one always smiling holding the little kid in his arms, Larry Jr. He loves his son and always had him in the dragster, in the pits, on his shoulder or in the winners circle with him.

With Larry's low E.T. at 7.04, it was followed by The Ridge Route Terror's James Warren at 7.06, Der Wienerschnitzel's Jim Nicoll at 7.12, Beaver Brothers & Clark with Mike Snively at 7.20, Doss Bros & Brooks at 7.26, Ewell, Bell & Olsen with Carl Olsen at 7.27, Tom McEwen at 7.30, Last years 'Perpetual Motion' champ Abbott Bros. & Lee at 7.31, and Jerry Ruth at 7.74 Larry, George and I went up into the bridge tower to see C.J. Hart. They asked for the line up for elimination's. Who was up against whom? A strategy meeting of the pros. Larry starts: "Nicoll, he's running hot, he'll be the one to beat. Maybe Carl Olsen? What's he running 98 %...shoot?"

George: Jim? Yea…he comes up fast at the top end. Warren and those guys come to town, drive past everyone, take the gold and leave heading north. You got to watch out for him. Olsen is tuned it right. See him off the line, his clutch is just right, no smoke, just grip and go. Unless Warren takes him out, watch those Ridge Route boys."

Larry: "Warren, Nicoll, Snively, Ruth, McEwen…hmmm?"

George: "I'll go with Dixon and the Rattler!"

Larry: Grinning wide and looking humbled, he simply says, "Bitchin' Hutch."

The first elimination round results had some surprises. Larry took Doss with a 7.01~ 216.34 to 7.36, Nicolls took McEwen with 6.92 ~ 211.76 (Low ET of the race) to McEwen's 7.21, Carl Olsen's close victory over James Warren who blew a blower belt at the top end with 7.25 ~ 219.51 to Warrens 7.33, Mike Snively stomped all over Joe Lee with a 7.18~ 220.04 to 7.34 The air filled with spent fuel, like the aftermath smell of a battlefield. It may have been February but it was warm to hot. Hey this is L.A. weather! The pits were busy with teams tooling up for round two. The second chancer's who lost the first round worked much harder to save some face.

Again Larry, George and I leaned against the fence to watch round two of the second chancer's try at victory. First up, Warren, Coburn and Miller vs. Abbott & Lee.

Larry: "So Todd, test your skills, who for the win?"

Todd: "Hmm…I'm thinking Pink, does Abbott & Lee run a Pink engine?"

George: "No. A Pink engine has a high idle, crisp sound, and it shakes the earth at the top end. You'd know it's an Ed Pink engine by its sound."

Todd: "Well I always liked Warren, Coburn and Miller, it's a beautiful car. I'll go with the Ridge Route Terror."

Larry: "They lost a blower belt in the last run, could happen again."

Todd: "What? Twice in a row! Naw…their just running really strong."

Coming off the rollers the two combatants staged, flames high rpm's up…green! Boom…the blower belt blew off the Abbott & Lee dragster near the staging lane and shut down to a slow roll. Mean while James Warren rocketed down track and boom…blew off its blower belt for a second time running an 8.39 E.T.

I looked at Larry in amazement, how did he know? He just grinned and looked at George who remarked, "I ain't saying nothing." Larry's laugh started slow and grew into a typical Dixon howl. Pat walked up with Larry Jr. in tow.

Pat: "What's he laughing at?" Realizing her redundant question, she ended with, "Let's get something to eat before you race again." Larry Jr. was switched to his Dads waiting arms and they walked to the concession stand. I could here Larry Jr. say, "Did you win Daddy?" Larry Sr. responded, "Not yet Big Boy."

Larry's own top fueler, the Fireside Inn Roadster, sponsored by the Fireside Inn Restaurant, had a beautiful full body, nose to chute. It was one of those show cars that crowds of fans would gather around to see. Like the Beebe & Mulligan, Smirnoff, Stellings & Tapia, Keeling & Clayton, Der Weinerschnitzel and my favorite, The Stone Age Man.

Larry loved the fun of drag racing. He was the essential talented garage boy who just loved to tinker with and race cars. Larry always helped out any other driver if they need things. Larry said he never lost tools, he kept gaining tools. He would find them everywhere. Once he found a very expensive torque wrench along the push road. When he overheard someone say they wish they had a torque wrench, he gave them the one he found. At other times Larry gave tires or fuel to other needy teams. It has been said that it was easy to find Larry Dixon Sr. at the races, even blindfolded, just follow the laughter and there he is. Like I said, if Larry was your friend, you'd never need anything else. There are several icons of the good-old-days of racing; Larry Dixon Sr. is very near the top.


The beautiful Ewell-Bell-Olsen AA/FD driven by Carl Olsen


Round two had Carl Olsen vs. Mike Snively. The cars were roller on to the Lions Roller Starters. Mike started first and glided off to his burnout followed by Carl. These two professionals were going to have a close one. Both running strong and loud. Jack Ewell stood close by Carl. They staged and waited for the green. Waaaap Carl got Mike at the green while Mike Snively had some trouble and coasted to the end saving his engine at 128.20 mph. Carl clocked a 192.30 saving his for the final.

Next had Dixon and Nicoll. Jim Nicoll's Der Weinerschnitzel has for a long time been a winning force. Plus Jim was a great sport and loved to play up the show racing George Hutcheson and the US Turbine 1. Jim Nicoll was quick out of the gate, but so was Larry. This would be a tough one to call. The rumble and roar of these two beasts had fans up on their feet and press the fence to see. The ground shook around them. The two rolled to pre-stage light - yellow! Nicoll rolled next to yellow and held. Dixon mastered the staging lights and knew how to get that advantage at the staged light, yellow and held. Down came the lights, up the Rpm's -green Waaaap!! Nicolls pulled the wheels up and got all crossed up, Larry's heavy leg pushed the Howard Cam Rattler, and the bend of the frame had all the power to the big M&H Racemasters slicks giving Larry a fast 6.95 ~ 217.91 at the top end. Larry always took it to the lights, for the fans, that's what they came to see. Luck rarely strikes twice and Larry knew he was in for a hard final with the Ewell, Bell & Olsen with Carl Olsen at the wheel.

Carl Olsen driving the "Ewell-Bell-Olsen" AA/FD said, "I started driving this car in 1968, when Jack Ewell broke his leg in a mini-bike accident. By the time his leg healed, I'd traded my Jr. Fuel Dragster to Bill Stecker for his 1/3 interest in the TF car, and everyone agreed that I should continue to drive it. After the trade, it was re-named Ewell-Bell & Olsen." ( It had a late model hemi engine and was always a fan favorite. In 1969 the car had a full length body and it was one of the best looking around.

George and I ran into Larry, Pat and Larry Jr. in the pit area. When Larry saw us his smile took over his worried thoughts. Larry always on, started with, "Holy shit, you see Nicolls cross up? I just hit it and hoped he didn't run up behind me at the lights."

Todd: "You kiddin', you ran 6.95 and you didn't blow your belt! You ran so fast you were way gone."

George: "Now you got Olsen. Jack has it running fast, it sounds great. You'll have to beat Carl's driving. Out of the gate Larry, stay out ahead and don't let your foot up until you pull the chute. He'll be hard to beat, but you got the Howard Cam team."

Larry: "Its fun, I love this stuff, whoever wins…bitchin' fun." His smile said it all, its fun. He was your basic hard core racing fan. Big kid having fun.

Every time I went to the straight track I had the traditional late night, pre-final hotdogs. Right about 9 PM the hotdogs had been cooking all day long, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The buns are warm; get some of the last chopped onions and some brown mustard. With that and a Pepsi I was set for the night. Didn't say it tasted great, but the tradition was memorable. Like popcorn at the movies. Gota' be done. The concession stand was a 'everybody zone'. You could see anyone step up and get something. I met John Mulligan there, stood behind Tom McEwen in line, and heard another well known driver arguing with his wife about some cute female fan. Oh boy! God bless those who cooked all day in less than sanitary conditions with bare hands and no hair nets. The deep fry oil was rarely changed, the wipe rag was never replaced, and I'd never complain. Sometimes the change back wasn't quit right, but I counted it as a silent tip. Aaaah…I miss those 9 PM hotdogs.


Larry Dixon Sr. at Lions with The Howard Cam Rattler


The time had come, Larry Sutton signaled for the two diggers to mount the rollers. Dixon and the Rattler team rolled up and got the Rattler breathing fire. It slithered to the left lane and did a smokey burnout. The Ewell-Bell-Olsen AA/FD fired up and rolled off. As Dixon was being pushed back to the staging area, Jack Ewell ran up to see what Carl was frantically pointing to.

George said out loud, "Ohhh Larry, you lucky son-of-a-gun, some things wrong with the oil pressure." Larry staged the Rattler, and waited. Jack Ewell had Carl shut down the big Chrysler Hemi, having no oil pressure. Larry Sutton signaled Dixon to final stage and go. I swear I could hear Larry Dixon yelling for joy through his mask and helmet. On the green Dixon let the Rattler loose and it thundered with hellfire. The M&H Racemaster slicks gripped hard all the way down through the end lights with a 7.01 at 210.28 mph. Larry never disappoints the fans. Lions 'Perpetual Motion' Phase II was now written into the history books. Name: Larry Dixon Sr. = Winner

When Larry and the Howard Cam Rattler team rolled back into the pits, Larry yelled out, "Stone Age Man! Am I one lucky-son-of-a-bitch! I tell ya!"

George: "I guess so. But you've run real hard all day Larry. Look you run a 6.95 earlier and finished with a 7.01. That's you Larry, you did that. You could have beaten them tonight. "

Larry: "That real nice of ya Hutch, I appreciate that. Say, why don't you go get that Stone Age Man fueler of yours and we'll have us a one time race, right now."

Danny Porsche and Jerry Johnson both spoke up, "No no no…we got to be at Orange County early tomorrow Larry. We got another big race at OCIR. Let's get our check and go home."

Indeed, Larry Dixon Sr. and the Howard Cam Rattler was hot to go. Orange County International Raceway was wrapping up its rain delayed annual All-Pro Series Championship tomorrow. George and I would be there to see Larry and the Rattler strike again.

The Rattler never sleeps, it waits.



Day Two
OCIR All-Pro Series Championship
Sunday, February 9th 1969
Orange County California


Sunday, a day of rest and worship. For others they embrace the gods of thunder and speed, praying for Lady Luck to bless them. This day the men of the long rails gathered in their Sunday best to be crowned 'All Pro' Champion.

But The Almighty had the last laugh; He rained out the original day of January 19th for this fine day of February.

The pit area was the 'A' list of who's who. Steve Carbone driving Creitz-Greer & Donovan (Low ET 6.98 at All Pro Series) with his swaggering confidence joined Beebe & Mulligan (Runner up All Pro Series, Won the Pomona NHRA Winternationals 1969)), Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen (winner the All Pro Series- 224.42 mph), Jerry Glenn 'Atlas Oil Tool', Mr. Ed, Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme, and Tony Waters, The Syndicate, Dunn & Reath, Warren-Coburn-Miller 'The Ridge Route Terror', Ewell-Bell-Olsen, Beachboys, Addict, Abbott Bros. & Lee (January 11th Lions 15th Anniversary victory); Benny 'The Wizard' Osborne (the Worlds Final victor), and the Howard Cam Rattler with Larry Dixon Sr. (low ET 6.81 att 214.79 at the Pomona Winternationals 1969). Yes, a very tough field of champions on this day of worship.

OCIR is the fancy mans drag strip. Modern tall tower, thousands of seats, ample parking in this affluent part of Southern California. And the food…aaah it's about the same as Lions, just better napkins.

With so many dragsters in today's show, I spent lots of time looking at posters, decals and girls. It's not hard to believe who didn't make the semi finals. There were failures, red lights, wheelies, and the non-starters. But our boy Larry Dixon cut through the pile in the unstoppable Howard Cam Rattler. With Rick Ramsey at the wheel it was a strong contender, but it had some puzzling problems. After Ramsey left and Dixon took over the driving chores, owners Danny and Tony Porsche, motor man Jerry Johansen and Roy Miersch, Paul Armstrong and Raymond Masco as crew members, they finally found their winning combination. Now the Howard Cam Rattler would coiled and strike at every race.

The eliminations ousted many heavy weights. Don Prudhomme sat out and watched the semi-finals while eating his 9 PM hotdogs. So did Warren-Coburn-Miller and Dunn & Reath teams.
Yesterday's Lions finalist Ewell-Bell-Olsen enjoyed the evening watching by the fence line with Beachboys, Addict and Abbott Bros. & Lee.

Here is what they watched. Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen eager to beat Dixon and make up for Lions 'Perpetual Motion' sickness yesterday. However Larry Dixon does not shrink away when it's time to race. Both staged and watching the lights drop. Dixon dropped McEwen at the light without a trace of smoke and turned in a Low ET of the day at 6.85 to Mongoose's 7.25 rolling along through the top end and on to its trailer.


Creitz & Donovan with Steve Carbone driving.


Next up Creitz & Donovan hard driven by Steve Carbone vs. Benny Osborn the current 'win everything' guy. Each wanting the pie all to themselves. They both put on a show of strength, smoky burnouts and a lot of Waaaap waaaap!! One of the two should have the top speed or lower ET for the night. Both fast and quick. Down came the ambers, Green! Benny Osborn was a little too quick and got a big fat red eye. Carbone saved his engine and coasted to the win and into the finals.


The Fighting Irish ~ Tim Beebe & John Mulligan AA/FD

The Fighting Irish, Beebe & Mulligan vs. Larry Dixon and the Howard Cam Rattler team. Beebe & Mulligan's dragster is one of the most beautiful race cars I've ever seen. Stunning to the eye and one of the most remembered of all the diggers. John must have been looking at his paint job when Dixon hammered him at the lights and gave 'The Zoo Keeper' a view of the back end on the Rattlers all the way through the lights. It's still a beautiful dragster even sitting on its trailer waiting to go home.

The final match-up. Can Larry Dixon and the Howard Cam Rattler AA/FD be the one to win back-to-back weekend events? Lions 'Perpetual Motion' Phase II and the OCIR All-Pro Series Championship. The Creitz & Donovan AA/FD driven by Steve Carbone was no easy pass. He was a proven champion. Fast and lighten quick out of the gate. Carbone's team was of Creitz & Donovan graced the winners circle many times. If anything Carbone would not let Dixon steal his glory, not today. Confidence? Yes he had plenty. Dixon had his hands full with his old friend in the final.

The Howard Cam team went to work preparing the Rattler for the race of the weekend. Everything was checked and readied. Larry was concerned. He stayed out of the way and let Jerry Johnson work his magic. Larry is usually right in there when racing his own dragster Fireside Inn Roadster, but it was not his car, not this time. Soon it was time to meet Creitz, Donovan & Carbone on the short straight road to victory.

George and I went to see Larry before the big race. Larry was unusually quiet.

Larry: "Hey Hutch, Todd…Steve and me in the last run, how about that."

Todd: "You can beat this guy; don't let it play on your mind."

Larry: "I appreciate that, he's good, and he's my friend, I like him a lot…"

George: "Larry, you know what to do. Both cars are fast, both cars have sharp teams. Where is the advantage?" George was digging for an answer that Larry already knew to himself.

Larry: "At the lights. I beat McEwen and Beebe at the lights. I can beat Carbone at the lights too. No smokin' and foot hard to the floor until the chutes open." With that Larry smiled, "Bitchin' Waaaap Ruuup ratttt …God I love it!" He cheered up with that.

George: "Razor sharp timing Larry, boom! And don't pull an Osborn red light." He laughs.

Larry: "Oh thanks, now I have to get that crap out of my head, thanks Hutch!" He too laughs along.

The night took the advantage and covered the heavens with countless stars on deep black. OCIR had the lights, and was always well lit. A class 'A' drag strip, top of the line. Steve Gibbs made sure of that. The stands were full, the fence line populated, the photographers ready with fresh film. This was the 'Nervous 10'. Ten minutes before it started and everyone was nervous.

There were some track announcements, upcoming events and special thanks to someone out there. The concession stands were cleaning up and closing down. But still had that last minute hotdog for someone on their way to the stands or parking lot. It had been a long weekend for all the drivers and crews, fans and track operators. Everyone wanted one thing, a close race and a clean victory. No more broken this and that, red lights or non-starters. Give us one helluva last great race! And we'll all go home and talk about it tomorrow.

Down they came from a distance, slow at first, a low rumbling than a sharp Waaaap Ruuup ratttt ratttt Waaaap! These are the sounds we all have waited for. Like a far off warning that something fierce is approaching, the last two come into view. Rolling along in front of the cheering fans the long rails bounce and spit fire and thunder on the push road. This is the fans favorite way of starting the show. Roller starts robbed the fans of this personal thrill. Like ancient warriors entering the arena, we the spectator get to view each challenger on their strength and merit. We stand and cheer the final two champs. Thumbs up! Let the last contest begin. "One victor!"

At long last it has come to this: Steve Carbone vs. Larry Dixon Sr. Carbone first to enter center stage, around he rolled into his lane. Close behind came the Rattler and lined up for its burnout performance. Both rolled through and ignited the tires into a plume of white clouds.



The Machines: As fast as it gets, more powerful than anything on asphalt; a simple design for its use, it requires a perfect sequence of mechanical movements sparked by exotic fuels and more oxygen than you can breath in a month for its short life of a few minutes. Heat, its only limitation. Two much and the fuel will lean out and loose power. Just one small weak point in the metal or hesitation in igniting the fuel and it can explode spraying sharp pieces and hot oil into everything around it.

The Driver: A person of exceptional skill and nerve, who excels at timing and instinct, can read his engine and racer from the confines of his seat and know how to react when things go bad. When things do go bad at 225 mph, they can keep their cool, do the right thing and come back the next weekend and do it again.

Carbone and Dixon pre-stage, yellow! Carbone wants his victory and eagerly stages the final light, yellow! Patiently Dixon slowly rolls forward and finally breaks the light, yellow and holds. As the ambers descend, the center stage at Orange County International Raceway was illuminated by the tall flames and the intense roar of the engines high Rpm's. Green!

What must have gone through Carbone's mind when just out of sight and through his header flames he senses Dixons movement ahead. Larry Dixon's instincts were razor sharp and in a fraction of a second the race was his. Out front and leading all the way 1320 feet to the top end light trap his ET & mph glows against the black of night, 7.24 ~ 220.04 Carbone never letting up, hoping he could close the gap between the two, finishes with 7.52 ~ 216.34.

Things being pretty much the same at this point; engines, teammates, skill level and history, that momentary split in timing speed favoring one over the other is all that it takes for the last one to stand alone, as champion. As close as that can be, it will produce a runner up. That is why we celebrate the winner. The fans got their monies worth, a close race with a clean victory.
At the top end Larry Dixon is near tears. As the two shake hands in congratulatory protocol, Steve has profound insight 'We'll meet again Larry.' The two had been friends for a long time and Steve was very happy for Larry.

Sr. Dixon's consistent trail of victories leading him to this day brings him to the forefront of Drag Racings elite. The money handlers and sponsorships.

But for now its Larry Dixon Sr. weekend victory, double wins in two days, it is rare but do-able. For Pat and Larry Jr. they have the joy of seeing husband and Daddy in the victory light. "We did it Big Boy, we won!" Larry Sr. tells Larry Jr. "Again, wow!" Jr. Dixon hug's his daddy. What a thrill it must have been for Larry Jr. to see his Daddy as the winner in so many difficult contests. To be the best and still be a loving Dad. To share the spotlight with him in every victory photo. A young sons Hero and Dad. It must have been the catalyst for Jr. Dixon's huge mark in the history books of Drag Racing in the years to come.


Larry (with Larry Jr. in the seat) and the Howard Cams team celebrate the big win with OCIR managier, Mike Jones. February 9th 1969.





Father and son, champions, a history of victories, a family legacy in the pages of The Book of Records of Drag Racing Winners.




March 16th: Steve Carbone vs. Larry Dixon Sr. did meet again the next month at Riverside California, in the finals of the three day Hot Rod Magazine Championship. Carbone was sure to win.

Steve captured the low ET of 6.80 and he wanted this win. The Best in the field in Drag Racing were in attendance. From Don Garlits to Frank Petregon. Three days of hard competition lead to this incredible shoot out. Again.

Carbone on the right lane, Dixon on the left. Steve dropped the hammer on Dixon at the green and jumped ahead. Steve, thinking he had it in the bag, raised his right hand in a 'V' for victory salute. Than…Clunk! Thud!! He hand quickly returned to the steering, but it was all over for Steve Carbone driving Creitz & Donovan top fueler. All he could do was to watch Larry Dixon Sr. and the Howard Cam Rattler disappear down the track, again. Steve could clearly read Dixon's ET and mph 7.25 ~ 205.94 from his slow rolling digger as he moved past the timing board. A large slice of 'Humble Pie' awaited him in the pit area.

February 1st 1970: Pomona California, 10th Annual NHRA Winternationals. The big one, the Oscars of Drag Racing. Larry Dixon Sr. driving a new Howard Cam Rattler with ET's like 6.78, 6.87 and 6.89, blew a piston. The Howard Cam Rattler team worked quickly to install a new engine from Jerry Johnson. Their quick work enabled the Howard Cam Rattler to take home the 'Oscar' as Top Fuel Eliminator, again.



It was with the greatest of pleasure researching the history and background story on this double win for Larry Dixon Sr. With all the Drag News on CD's from the 1320 Group and the endless mountains of information and photos at Don Ewald's We Did It For Love web site ( I had most of what I needed. But I got help with many of the details from experts like Don Ewald, George Hutcheson and hours of conversation with Larry Dixon Sr. himself. If you ever get the chance to meet Larry Dixon Sr., do it. He is a one of a kind. Oh yea and Larry Dixon Jr. is pretty fast too!


Here is one of Larry Dixon Sr. toys. Its street legal, just ask the cop who stopped him on that country road out there in California. No autograph was required by the local highway patrol officer.

Double Dixon
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