Steve & Gordy - 50th Anniversary


On Sept 19th. 2010 a very special occasion took place in Huntington Beach, CA at the clubhouse where Steve and Gloria Gibbs live. We all know that any marriage lasting 50 years is truly a milestone but one that survived 50 years of non stop drag racing is akin to a miracle.

The Gibbs' are blessed with a large, close family and more friends than anyone I know. After giving his all to the sport Steve, and the wife that supported his career, deserve a special day or three and this will rank high on their list of "good times".

For those of us who are geographically challenged and couldn't made the trek to SoCal these photos will make us wish we did. Many thanks to Darrell Conrad for his great lens work and once again from all of us who consider ourselved friends of Hook and Gordy - may you have many more!



This very cool mural was done for S & G by Scott Heise of Great Scott Cartoons and Designs.



Says it all... Fifty Roses for fifty years.


Special memorabilia covering 50 years of marriage.


Steve and Gordy welcome the packed house of friends before introducing the entire clan.


Steven Arias, Debby Gibbs and her hubby Mike and daughter Soledad; Justin Arias, Amber Parrish, Jim Black and Cindy Gibbs, Steve's mother Selma Grana, Steve and Gordy, Jordan Kinder, Kami Rask, Stephanie Gibbs Kinder, Troy Kinder, Kayla Rask and Alex Kinder.





In the foreground – Cindy Gibbs’ godfather, Dr. John DiGiulio. Others in photo Jimmy Scott, Jerry Mallicoat, and TV Tommy Ivo.


Connie Johnson, and elated Dusty McWilliams and NHRA Wally Parks Motorsport Museum, Executive Director Tony Thacker.


Dave & Twila Mandalla of Mandella drag boat fame.


Maria and Walt Stevens. Did Darrell scare 'em?


Cal-Rods member Don Ford and Barry Weissert (works at the museum).


Rose Dickinson who is Manager of Marketing and Advertising for the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsport Museum and Jess Tyree


Wayne Phillips with actor Richard Kiel who is most famous for his roll of "Jaws" in two James Bond movies. Kiel went to school with both Steve and Gordy. Richard Kiel


Joe Rode and Jim Caslin who was an usher at Steve & Gordy’s wedding in 1960 with Don Irvin.


Carl Olson and Jess Sturgeon


Kat Lotz & Sherry Watson from the museum.


Julie Hisel and Barry Wiessert from the museum.


Joyce Rode and Rose “Rosebud” Pohorely from the NHRA Museum.


Marcie Vertiel and Becky Atkins


Vic and Wanda Cunnyngham, who went to high school with Steve and Gordy. They were coincidentally married on the exact same day, September 18, 1960.


Ken Dorn and Patty Scurti


Don Scurti, president of The Cal-Rods Car Club – host club of the NHRA Museum. Scurti was the founding president of the 1950’s club, which was based at Baldwin Park High School – where Steve and Gordy graduated in 1958.


Cookie Ford


Mousie Marcellis and friend


Prior to "dinner", Roland Leong (right) holds court at one of the many full tables while others visited and worked the room.


In the foreground in yellow shirt, the original manager of Orange County Raceway, Mike Jones, and wife Charle.



Mike Kuhl and Carl Olson


TV Tom chats with Gordy’s younger brother Fred Lopez.


Publisher or the hit drag racing newspaper in the 60s, Drag Sport Illustrated, Phil Bellomy made a rare public appearance.



Ivo and photographer Dave Parker


Art Chrisman, his wife and Dorothy Mooneyham


Carl Olson, Frank Bradley, and the legendary “Disco Doc” Leroy Hales. Stories about these three could be a best seller.


Henry Walther, Steve, Gary Beck, Jess Sturgeon and Marvin.


Suzi Beebe, Bill Holland, Cindy Gibbs, Patty Striegel, Jess Tyree and George Striegel.


Joel Gruzen and Frank Baney


Dave McClelland with Maureen Fairbairn, who once drove the “Devil Woman” fuel altered in New Zealand, an old friend of Gloria who traveled all the way from New Zealand to be there.


J.R. Martinez and Greg Sharp who is the Curator at the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsport Museum.


A Gibbs anniversary wouldn't be complete without the nations #1 hamburgers, In N Out with one of their mobile restaurants. Waiting for their Double-Doubles, Steve Levy and daughter Denise.



White haired guy in the foreground is John Strand and wife Linnea from Midland, Texas. Strand was an usher at Steve and Gordy’s wedding in 1960…and went on to become a renown astro physicist – working on the Voyager space missions.


Jimmy Rossi, John Ewald and Mike and Lynn Rose Kuhl.


Gordy with her nephew Dave Perez, brother Freddie Lopez and niece Gloria Perez


Gordy's brother Ernie Lopez and his wife Judy


Cindy Gibbs with Gloria and David perez and Debby Gibbs


Donna Crowther, Don Irvin, Nick Arias Jr. and Greg Sharp


Stephanie, Frank & Maggie Bradley, Don Hampton, Steve, and Don Prieto


Jeff Utterback and Nick Arias


John Ewald, Greg Sharp, Donna Crowther, Steve, Suzi Beebe, Bill Holland, Maggie and Frank Bradley.


The Mandellas, Pam Schavrien, Roland Leong, Carolyn Alley, Frank Baney, and Mike Thermos.


Dave McClelland and Frankie Pisano


Dee and Joel Gruzen with Mendy Fry


Jimmy Scott, Mousie and Maureen Fairbairn.


Brett Johansen, Jennifer Luna and Mousie


Gordy's sister Helen Purvins, Gordy, Danny, Steve, Kiel, Marvin and Patricia Graham.


Graham, Kiel, Don Prieto, McClelland and John Ewald


Cole Coonce, Bellomy and Mendy Fry








Roland, Gordy, TV and Marvin


Tom Jobe and Doug Kruse


Roland, Gordy, TV and "Marvin Who?"


Suzie, Orah Mae Millar, Pam and Robin Millar.


Art Chrisman and McClelland


Cynthia Carpenter and John Ewald


Steve and Gordy's granddaughters...Kami and Kayla Rask, Soledad Lemus



Special thanks to Darrell Conrad and Pam Schavrien for the great photo coverage of this special event.


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