As part of its 50th U.S. Nationals event, NHRA treated the huge Indy crowd to a Monday afternoon Cacklefest. Nothing will ever match the "original" (and now annual) CHRR Cacklefest, but for the folks east of the Rockies this was a real treat. By all accounts, the cacklecars got a better fan response than any of the Big Show cars. Tells me we're doing something right! All photos are by Bruce Wheeler.



Leading up to the actual Cacklefest, the cars were on display in the pits throughout the event. Here's the nicely restored Albertson Olds AA/D


Art Chrisman's "Hustler I"


Hugh Tucker's beautiful AA/SR


Loukas & Preising


The Winged Express


The Swamp Fox AA/FD


Ray Godman's "Bo Weevil" - that's Ray in the chair.


About 2 hours before they were "scheduled" to push start, the cars started lining up at the top end. Here's Connie Kalitta's Bounty Hunter and the Safford-Gaide-Ratican Olds powered fueler.


Barnes & Gladstone


The Glass Slipper visits with the Bo Weevil


Casseday & Winward 'Brief Encounter' was driven by Biddy Winward himself. He's had that car all these years! (I understand Garlits was put off because he couldn't drive it himself as, of course, he won T/E at the '63 Nats
in it.)



Hustler I


Don Trasin's "Jade Grenade"


Mike Kuhl's fueler has been on tour back East all summer and Indy was its last stop before heading back to California.


Sy Sidebotham's "King & Marshall" AA/FD - in the seat - Tommy Steed



Loukas & Preising and the Howard Cam Rattler lay in wait.


Jimmy Scott kicks back in the Albertson Olds car


The call to get the drivers in the cars went out and so they did.




I don't know who was in the Swamp Fox but one things for sure, his firesuit wasn't period correct!


Goob Tuller helps Bob "Floyd Lippencotte" Muravez get bolted into the Freight Train. Both these guys drove multiple versions of The Train throughout the 60's.


There were some pretty cool push vehicles as well like the Plymouth "Kop Kar" pushcar which was all original, including a stock flathead six!




As the norm, the cars pulled onto the track in the shutdown area and moved to the traps for the push starts.



As usual, Steve Gibbs was doing everything including directing traffic -- or is he just hitching a ride?





Jimmy Scott brings the Albertson Olds car to its spot on the wall.



Barnes & Gladstone


Mike Boyd


Brief Encounter



Art Chrisman


Ratican-Jackson-Stearns Fiat AA/A



Don Trasin wheels the Grenade into its spot.



King & Marshall and Loukas & Preising




Cacklefest vet Carl Olson in Mike Kuhl's AA/FD




The Howard Cams Rattler got a lot of attention because Larry Dixon Sr. was in the seat while son, Larry Jr. is a staple Big Show star.





Kenny Safford in his Safford-Gaide-Ratican fueler.



The Glass Slipper


The Swamp Fox comes down track.














As the engines quieted one by one, the crowds appreciation grew... a standing ovation that went on for minutes.










K&O back to the barn.


Larry Dixon Jr. helps push his dad back to the pits.






More Photos and Commentary by Vic Cooke



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