MORE Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars

The follow-up video to ‘Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars’ (for sale below) is now ready for public sale. By popular demand, JBV decided to include ALL the Funnys, except maybe one, that attended the 2008 & 2009 March Meets and thus, the “More Nitro Funnys” DVD was created.

The variety and popularity of the Funny Cars is just too big not to include the fan’s “favorite floppers”, which is probably ALL of them.

Unrestricted...NITRO AUDIO...!

Top End—Hi-Speed Chute Shots

A “Collectable Must Have” for Nostalgia Funny Car fans...!

Time: 60 min.  Just  $19.00

Funnys at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, CA. - 2008 & 2009. Also included is Pro NHRA racers, Ron Capps and Jack Beckman driving a Nostalgia Funny Car. Bucky’s Funny Car isthe worlds quickest Nostalgia Funny Car at this time and included in both DVDs.




Nitro Nostalgia Funny Cars

Over 25 Nostalgia Funny Cars competing at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California..

2008--2009 Action

Unrestricted...NITRO AUDIO...!

Top End—Hi-Speed Chute Shots

A “Collectable Must Have” for Nostalgia Funny Car fans...!

Time: 60 min.  Just  $19.00




CACKLEFEST 2005 & 2007

A great compilation of two CHRR Cacklefests PLUS Top Fuel action!

See the debut of "TV Tommy" Ivo in Ron Johnson's "Barnstormer". Plus Ed "The Ace" McCulloch in the "Northwind"; "Big Daddy" Don Garlits; Jerry "The King" Ruth; Kuhl & Olson; Beebe & Mulligan; Warren-Coburn-Miller; The Starlite; Frantic 4; BankAmericar; Tom Hanna and 50 more! A nitro overload.

This video is the CHRR 2005 & 2007 Cacklefests at Famoso, rounding out the last few minutes with Hot...! Top Fuel action outtakes.

Lots of flames and unrestricted NITRO Cackle!

Time: 60 min.  Just  $19.95




"Old Funny Cars N'Force"

The Jackson Bros captured, on film, many of the greatest Funny Car racers of all time, at Fremont Raceway, in the early to late 70's. The J Bros shot with a Nikon Super 8 film camera that had a great Slow Motion feature built in, and they used it on many a burnout and launch of those Nitro powered Hot Rods. Tire shake and body flex were just as BAD then as it is now, and is plainly evident in this great, rare glimpse at some of the wildest, greatest Funny Cars that ever traveled the 1320. Here's a partial list of the racers included in this program... John Force, Don Prudhomme, Jungle Jim, Ed McCulloch, Tommy Ivo, Don Schumacher, Tom McEwen, Roland Leong, Tom Hoover, Connie Kalitta, Shirley Muldowney, Jungle Pam, Linda Vaughn, Pisano-Matsabura, I'll John Lombardo, Jim Dunn, Pat Minnick, Gary Densham, John Mazmanian, Steve Leach, Billy Meyer, Kenny Goodell, Jerry Ruth, Danny Ongias, Ron Colson, Dale Pulde, Condit Bros, Jim Terry, Pandemonium, John Hovan, Gene Snow, Henry Harrison.....and many more. Includes 18 min. of bonus music by Stephen Elliott....(Alternative Jazz Rock Instrumental). Time: 60 min.


"Time Traveling The 1320"

ALSO INCLUDED - The jazz rock soundtrack by young Sacramento, CA. musician, Stephen Elliott, compliments the graphic action and color of the video, Old Funny Cars N'Force. The CD, "Time Traveling The 1320" that comes with the DVD allows you to enjoy the music while driving down the highway, get togethers, working around the house, or just plain "working out". The Jackson Bros did not have sound cameras in the 60's and 70's, but a video with good travelin' background music always adds flavor to the visual experience of watching the legendary Funny Car Racers of the 1960s & 70s.
Time: 78 min.

"Time Traveling The 1320" CD Available Separately



Famoso March Meet Oldies

Famoso March Meet Oldies

All color historical film with music background of the 1st & 2nd March Meet at Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield....plus other early M.M. footage. A narrated 2nd edition with driver IDs will possibly be made before the 50th Anniversary race in 2009. This is incredible footage with just about ALL the biggest names in Drag Racing, at that time, in 1959 & 60.
A driver/car list is now being compiled and may be available to the public by Jan 2008. As is, this video will excite the hearts and stir the minds of the Geezers, Fans, and Historians of the "Good Old Days" of Drag Racing.

Time: 59 min.    $19.00



Nor~Cal Fuelers-1960's Video Scrapbook Series #1
Nothing but 60's Fuelers, mainly from the SF Bay Area and Northern Calif. smoking the tires like it really was in the early to mid 60's. There's special notice to John Batto of Sonoma, CA., who the video was originally made for, as a birthday present by friend and former crewman, Rod Blake. They also added many of the Southern California cars as well as the touring big guys like Don Garlits, Art Malone, Connie Kalitta, and many others. It's all in color and put to light traveling rock music. There is no narration or titling at this time. This is a must have collectible if you're a Fueler Fan of the 60's. Just $19.95



The flames...the nitro cackle...and the glorious cars of the 60's are highlighted, along with original footage of many of these memory makers in their hey-day, the good ole' days. Various hot cars and the honorees are included. (92 Minutes)


A Night of Cackle & Flames....60min.-----DVD or VHS---$19.00
***The Sound of Nitro...The Flames of Nitro...The Excitement of Nitro...
Top Fuel qualifying and all the Cacklefest Cars "under the lights" at the NHRA 12th. Hot Rod Reunion ~ 2003~ Famoso Raceway~Bakersfield,Calif. Also included is Mike Boyd driving the wild and wooly "Marcellus & Borsch" AA/FA and the "Pick Your Part" wheelstanding pickup.


You'll get nothing but today's Front Motored Fuel Dragsters along with 45 minutes of rare, never before seen film footage shot from 1959 to 1962 by the Jackson Bros. and their buddies. Big name drivers of the 60's like Garlits, Prudhomme, Kalitta, Chris Karamesines, James Warren and many more are included along with the big name drivers of today like Ted Taylor, Paul Romine, Bill Dunlap, Jerry Steiner, Dan Horan, Bob Hallock and many more ! The original film footage will be accompanied by music & narration while the modern footage will deliver full unrestricted sound of nitro breathing Top Fuel Dragsters. (90 Minutes)


“On the edge” fuelers and wall crunching action will take you to the extreme side of nostalgia drag racing. Also included are the popular blown altereds and super charged gassers. The “Goodguys” races are the best with the “hottest and fastest” covering the quarter mile at Famoso and Sears Point in 2000. You will get the added benefit of great audio since the live action is not talked over and actual recording levels were not softened. You’ll see and hear drag racing the way it should be on a T.V. set. So crank it up, buckle up and shut up. It’s time for some serious nostalgia. (60 Minutes)


This program contains some of the rarest historical film ever seen on the 1960's Drag Racing machinery. With a unique collection of Front Engine Fuelers, Funny Cars, AFXers, Wheelstanders, Oddballs and Exhibition cars, this video will go down in Drag Racing history as the greatest collection of colorful nostalgia on one video cassette. Hot Rod events announcer Dan Danner describes all the special historical sequences. This program is full of spectacular "live" action shots of cars losing the battle of the Quarter Mile, whether from crashing, burning, wheelstanding or going every way but straight. Strict safety rules pays off as no driver is seriously hurt in this program. We've honored Austin Coil and Pat Minick in a special workup on the famed "Chi Town Hustler" FunnyCar. We'll also turn loose the Hi-Tech, hard charging big boys of the '90s with unrestricted sound in all their four and five second glory. Sooner or later, Drag Racing will take you to the wild side and so will Wildshots Oldies & Goodies! (90 Minutes)


The Jackson Bros. have taken from their vast film and video archives a mix of rare film footage from the '50s, '60s and early '70s and coupled it with some modern day nostalgia to make a hot rod Drag Racing video like no other. The theme of this program is based on then and now sequences going from the past all the way to the present. We use descriptive titling and light rock music behind rare film sequences and the modern footage puts forth unrestricted live action audio. There are comical moments and there are serious moments just like in real life. Dave Tedford summed it nicely after crashing in his top fuel nostalgia dragster when he said, "Oh well, that's drag racing!" You will meet Dave in this program and see other drag racers in the same "oh well!" situation. Blown Altereds, Gassers, Dragsters and Smokers are highlighted. You will come to realize and agree with the Jackson Bros. that nostalgia is wild !!!!!! (90 Minutes)



ALL-color film footage dating to 1964. Dedicated to the AA/Fuel Altereds, this video depicts the typical "wild and crazy" type of action these cars displayed. Their unwillingness to "go straight" will not be a faded remembrance or a dusty photo or even small talk about the good old days...NO! Fuel Altereds are still charging down the 1320 on this Jackson Bros. video. Rare fuel altereds include: (Marcellas & Borsch) "Winged Express," (Rich Guasco) "Pure Hell," (Dave Hough) "Nanook," (Moore-Oates-Bradley) "The Mob," Burkholder Brothers, (Fred Sorensen) "Warlock I," (Leon Fitzgerald) "Pure Heaven," (Nick Otto) "Warlock II," (Rod Hynes) "Coors Light," (Richard Langson) Texas Ranger," "Quality Auto," Thomas & Pritchard, Higley & Hubbard, Trillo Brothers, "The Scrounger," "Savage Jr.," "Blue Max," Mondello's Porting Service, "Instant T" & "Black Magic" plus many more hard charging competition altereds. (60 Minutes)


Modern day Fuel Altereds are just as wild and squirrelly as they were in the 60's. The unrestricted sound of these and many other altereds found in this program will satisfy your hunger for that "on line" noisy, supercharged thunder! Wild footage includes Richard Langson's "Texas Ranger," Impulse, Coors Light, The Outlaw, The Trillo Bros., Law & Disorder and a special workup on the awesome "Mob" Fuel Altered. Nostalgia and Comp Altereds included. Fuel Altereds Forever ! (120 Minutes)


All color film footage with narration and music, including modern nostalgia live action video. The greatest nostalgia tape on Willys, Anglias and Austins ever made. How about the Stone, Woods & Cook vs. Big John Mazmanian rivalry of 1965? You'll see many other famous gasser teams, too: Jack "The Bear" Coonrod, K.S. Pittman, Jr. Thompson, The Kohler Brothers, Ariso Brothers, Hill Brothers, Mallicoat Brothers, Brasher & Cummings, Fred Texiera, Shores & Hess, Mike "The Hippie" Mitchell, Panella Trucking, Souza Brothers, Balough-Dubach & Pisano, The Del Rio Bros., Ron Nunes, and more ! Willys fans will freak out over the vast numbers of '33 and '41 Willys shown. Numerous blown, injected, wheelstanding '49-'51 Anglias and Prefects will thrill even the most discerning English Ford fans, and many of our wildest '48-'51 Austin shots are included. There are other popular makes ranging from '37 Chevy coups, Henry Js, and "shoebox" Chevys. Are there "Wild Shots" on this tape? Of coarse! A few scary wipe-outs are shown, but no serious injuries were incurred. (120 Minutes)


"Action Outtakes" depicts their 2 fuelers racing other top name cars at the Goodguys VRA events. All the smoke and thunder these cars produce are captured by the Jackson Bros, close up and intense, without any audio restrictions. There's no lengthy chit-chat, but true spontaneous excitement when Mendy Fry tells you what it's like to go 251mph just after blasting off a 5:87sec. pass in the MasterCam fueler. That run made Mendy the first lady Drag Racer to go over 250mph in a Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster. Sean Bellemeur drives the Plaza Hotel fueler and shows great promise as the new "young hero" of the class. His list of wins, the first year out, are impressive. If you enjoy the excitement of Nostalgia Top Fuel, you will not be disappointed with this High Speed "Action Outtake" smoker. Tracks include, Famoso, Las Vegas, & Pomona. (56 Minutes)


Better know as the 5th Annual Jim Davis Memorial Hot Rod Drags. Every category of nostalgia covered with special old timer interviews. Featured speakers include Jim McLennan, Rich Guasco, Tom Prufer, and Gerry Steiner. Heavy coverage of all hot classes, include Top Fuelers, Gasser, etc. This is a Goodguys Association event tape, held at Sears Point, CA May 1993. (60 Minutes)


All classes of Drag Racing machinery from modern to nostalgia have one goal in common and that is to get down the drag strip in a straight line as quick as possible without blowing up parts or crashing. Let’s get real for a moment. Once upon the quarter mile anything can happen. Not only does this tape show an abundance of neat looking cars making hard straight passes with unrestricted audio, we’ll also include wildshots!

You will see crashes, fires, wheelstands, smokin’ burnouts, into the wall, sideways, squirrelly and just about anything out of the normal. Beautiful cars doing some ugly things. NHRA strict safety rules pay off as no critical injury accidents will take place in this video. Most drivers walk away unharmed.


Those Awful-Awful Altereds are back! Many of the 60's Altereds have been restored to life and they're still wild as ever. Featured cars include The Rat Trap and The Marcellus & Borsch restored AA/FAs. Other cars include, Pure Hell, Pure Heaven, Nanook, Toco-Harper-Garten, The Mob, Burkholder Bros, Randy Bradford, Woody "Pops" Duke, Panic, J&S Speed Shop, Blairs, and many more Bad Boy Altereds of the 2000's. This time, you get to see them and hear them on DVD as well as VHS. The color and audio is outstanding as the Jackson Bros are now using industrial digital video cameras to capture the excitement of Nostalgia Drag Racing. Tracks include Bakersfield, Sears Point, and Las Vegas. (84 Minutes)


Located along the California Coast about 20 miles south of San Francisco lies the historic Half Moon Bay Dragstrip. All of the big name drag racers of the late '50s to the late '60s competed there before thousands of enthusiastic fans. The track closed around 1968 and it was not until October 29, 1994 did the track re-open for "Sound Tests" of mild to hot drag racing machinery for environmental impact studies. Local prominent citizen of Half Moon Bay, Bot Senz, and his friend Lenny Kolstad have spearheaded efforts to revive the track which would center around the promotion and development of the Jr. Drag Racing League created by NHRA. Stock cars with capped headers would compete once a month with an occasional nostalgia drag race. Bob Senz has waged a tough uphill battle against environmentalists, local boards and home owners with irrational, unfounded misconceptions. The name Drag Racing still carries a stigma and still gets a "bad rap" since its inception. The question is: Do we "blot out" Drag Racing to save the earth or do we let Earth take care of itself and save our youth and human spirit? (54 Minutes)



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