You know you need one to stay competitive in business or to be noticed in your field, but building your own website can be overwhelming. Unless you have the knowledge and tools, building it right could prove to be the most frustrating venture of your life. LCWG not only has the tools, but 11 years of web development experience that has taught us how to make your site stand out from everyone else's. Once published, we know how to promote and position your site because without visitors, even the best websites are useless. From conception to regular maintenance, let LCWG work for you.

Consider the website building process (simplified):

  • Registering your domain name
  • Selecting and securing a Server
  • Designing a storyboard of what you want on your site
  • Designing the graphics (logo etc.) for your site
  • Deciding the exact message you want to deliver
  • If it's a business site, how are you going to conduct commerce?
  • If it's a photo site, they must be scanned and compressed
  • Once all the pieces are together each page is published individually making sure all the html code, links, Java Script etc. are functional
  • When all the pages are done and uploaded to your server you still have to maintain them on a regular basis
  • Whatever your site is about it must change and grow or you visitors will soon be gone (if you ever got them in the first place)
  • It never stops

Sounds like fun doesn't it? Unless you're ready to devote a lot of time to publishing and maintaining a successful website -- leave the headaches to a pro.

Left Coast Web Graphics specializes in affordable custom website publishing. We don't use the common "cookie cutter" methods as we believe each site should have its own personality and feel. Frills like Flash and DHTML look cool but if they don't serve any purpose other than letting you show-off how you can make geometric figures dance around the screen ... news flash - you should avoid using them. The search engine crawlers like the plain-vanilla html text. Showcase frills only if you're selling them. A company selling organic manure doesn't benefit at all by having a Flash website that shows bags of manure appearing here and there like apparitions.

Our model of "clean", no nonsense sites has proven to be what your visitors want. No dancing hippos or shooting stars. Just attractive, easy to navigate web publications. Sites that load fast and work on all browsers. If you want bells and whistles, we're not for you.

We charge by the hour so you only pay for what you get. Not quite a no-brainer, but close.

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