Mattel's 35th Anniversary Hall of Fame Awards




November 11, 2003: WDIFL was invited to attend the Mattel's 35th Anniversary Hall of Fame Awards. John Ewald and Kenny Youngblood carried the ball. Jay Leno was the MC and being the gearhead he is this was a perfect venue for him... did a great monologue. John sat with him for a while and showed him the shots of the BankAmericar and his 1958 push car. John suggested we do a Cacklefest on the Tonight Show... told him we could push start him in the parking lot at NBC and his eyes lit up... gave him a card and told him to let us know. Kenny did some drawings for some of the many stars there, he was also one of the celebrity judges who picked the honorees for the new Hot Wheels Hall Of Fame.

The event was held at the Peterson Automotive Museum and was a first class event. They even closed part of Wilshire Blvd. so we could use the red carpet act getting out of classic cars in front of hundreds of hard core collectors and TV cameras. The entertainment (other than Leno) was the music group "America", they played many of their hits and were great. The inductees were Elliot Handler, founder of Mattel (Lifetime Achievement). The 1932 Ford V-8 Roadster (Greatest Rides). The 1964 Pontiac GTO (Greatest Rides). Jan.16, 1963 Corvette Introduction (Milestone Moment). Wally Parks (Legends), and Richard Petty (Legends). Reps from Ford, Pontiac, and Chevrolet were on hand to collect their awards. King Richard told the crowd he represented Dodge to even it out. Here are some shots from the event.


Jay Leno

Jay Leno was in his "zone" joking about men and our cars.






Mattel founder, Elliot Handle.




Mattel CEO - Bob Eckert




Wally Parks receives his award from Mattel. Is there any award Wally doesn't deserve? Well, maybe one for good judgment when it comes to NHRA board members?



exhibit 1

Thousands of Hot Wheel cars marketed over the last 35 years.


exhibit 2




Another guest was actor Chris Titus. By all accounts he was quite funny.




1970s super group, America, performed, "Horse With No Name" and their other hits.



Da Forces 1

John and daughter Ashley arrived in a Hummer Limo... by Ford?


Da Forces 2

Where John goes, so do photographers.


Da Forces 3

And autograph seekers.




People showed up in everything from an Amish buggy to these - things. Can you say Lamborgini and Farrari?


super beater



The Petty's

No Hummer for "King Richard" and his Queen. They arrived in a Dodge SUV - go figure.




Kenny Youngblood was delivered to the front door in a classic Model T. Hummm, something older than him?



Hot Wheel

This is a "full size" Hot Wheel. The model kit must cost your mortgage!




Ashley Force, Richard Petty and John Force - like we have to put names to these faces!



Leno, XXX, Parks, Force

What's wrong with this picture? Jay Leno, Tom Compton (a surprise), Wally Parks and John Force.



John Force

Force kept his comments clean as he introduced Wally... a far cry from his routine at Tom Pock's birthday party the previous weekend.



Kenny, Jay, John

Here's a threesome to draw to...lots of gears turning here...Kenny, Jay and John Ewald. (Every once in awhile he gets in front of his camera).



Prudhomme Hot Wheels

Blood points out the head lights on Purdhomme's Hot Wheels funny that he painted.


Vipe HW 1

Prudhomme's first Hot Wheel Funny Car.



Snakes third Hot Wheels Funny Car.



Kenny draws

Kenny Youngblood doing what he does best as the evening went on... sketch very cool, on the fly, "Blood Did It" drawings.


Blood - Wally

A cartoon for Wally Parks also came off Kenny's drawing book...of course it was of Force and had John sign it before giving it to him.


Blood - Petty

"King Richard" shows off his new "Blood Did It" masterpiece.



Parnelli was sitting next to John so he was the first to receive a Blood original... he had Kenny alter the wing to make it more accurate!


PJ - Leno

PJ and Leno - Gearheads of The First Class.




The dining area (above) and a centerpiece (below).





Barb - Wally

The First Couple of Drag Racing.



Leno & Petty

Jay Leno, Richard Petty and a NASCAR person.



MacClellan - Force

Big Mac, John and Ashley Force strolling in the museum.




Richard Petty and Parnelli Jones ...yes, the Legends were there!



Meyer Cars

Inside the Peterson Museum is just some of Bruce Meyer's incredible car collection.





For gearheads, the Petersen Museum is a foodfest.



Beach Bomb

How about a Hot Wheel that sold for $72,000.00...this is it! the "Beach Bomb".





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