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This deal is OVER. Thanks so much to the very few model builders who did submit their fine work. I was hoping to make this an annual contest but due to lack of interest that won't happen.

THE WINNER IS: Roger "Riceman" Lee: He gets a really trick one-of-a-kind Trophy that was presented with much pomp and circumstance during the 2002 California Hot Rod Reunion at Bakersfield.

Roger "Riceman" Lee - The "MagiCar" AA/FD




Roger "Riceman" Lee - The "MagiCar" AA/FD
Don "Scalevisions" Theune - "Animal Instincts" AA/FD
Ralph Reiter - "2-Much" Dragster
Ralph Reiter - "Charlie's Business Coupe"
Vern Scholz - "Frantic 4" A/FD
Vern Scholz - Tommy Ivo "VideoLiner" AA/FD
Vern Scholz - "Ramchargers" AA/FD
Vern Scholz - Garlits "Dart 2"
Vern Scholz - "Flamin Frank" Pedregon
Vern Scholz - Garlits First Dragster
Vern Scholz - Garlits Wynns Charger
Ralph Reiter - Tony "Loner" Nancy




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