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Arguably the Road Kings is not only the oldest "car club" still in existence,but it has also spawned more drag racing "super stars" than any such organization in history. To think that a bunch of kids from the San Fernando Valley (just north of LA) could endure (and basically survive) 50 years of drag racing is remarkable. And the Road Kings are? To name a few: Tommy Ivo, Don Prudhomme, Tony Nancy, Tom McCourry, Bob Muravez, Roy Fjastad, Don Prieto, Don Johnson, Kenny Safford, Harry Hibler, Jimmy Miles, Don Gaide, Ralph Marshall, Skip Togerson and many more. This page is to pay tribute to these "Valley Rats" (as they were known to us on the other side of the hill) who pursued the dream they had as teenagers and turned it into a lives ambition. Here's a few shots from their 50th Anniversary gathering at the Petersen Museum.


Hot Rod display

One of the displays at the Petersen Museum depicts a typical "hot rod" shop in the 1950s. My guess is most of the Road Kings has similar shops back when.



Parking lot

The Petersen parking lot was full of iron for the occasion.


Parking lot 2



Road Kings group

Some of the original Road Kings outside the Peterson Museum. LtoR: Tim Ryan, Tim Cederquist, Tom McCoury, Don Gaide, Skip Torgeson, Bob Muravez, Tom Ivo, Kenny Safford, Roy Fjastad, Jim Miles, Butch Cederquist and Don Prudhomme.




Lunch outdoors in January? That would be SoCal.




There was no shortage of guests and press coverage.





Bob - Train

Bob (aka Floyd Lippencott Jr.) Muravez stands beside John Peters fabled "Freight Train" Top Gas dragsters (one of the more famous cars he drove) on display at the museum. Sixtysomething, the ageless Muravez is currently behind the wheel of a Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster. In the background is the restored fueler of Greer-Black-Prudhomme.



Tom Ivo

Never short of words or wit, "TV Tommy" Ivo shares some old Road Kings stores with the masses.




Three more members still active in drag racing are Harry Hibler, Don Prietoand Tony Nancy. The history of this trio are the things books are made of.



Ivo - wagon

Tom Ivo posing with his 4-engine Buick "Wagonmaster" exhibition car. This was originally a gas dragster in the early 60s, but was turned into a money maker when it was no longer competitive.






Kenny Safford




Another great talker is Bob Muravez.



photos 1

No shortage of club photos.


Photos 2


photos 3



Prieto jacket

Don Prieto in his original Lions jacket from 1963.




In the 60s and 70s, Roy Fjastad's SPE built some of the nicest race cars (especially dragsters) to ever go down a quarter mile. He went on to be quite successful in the hot rod market.



Sour Sisters

Another Road Kings car on display was reproduced "Sour Sisters" fueler of Safford-Gaide-Ratican. This is one of the stars of the CHRR "Cacklefest".




Don Prudhomme hams it up in Tom McCoury's '36.




Tom McCoury




Don 'The Beachcomber" Johnson




Jim Miles




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