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2007 SEMA SHOW…bigger than ever.
Story and photos by John Ewald

Much like this year's California Hot Rod Reunion which has grown to monster size, so has the SEMA SHOW…more of everything. If a product is involved in the automotive aftermarket…it's on display here. Also, 14 automakers had exhibits this year.

The 1967 show had 98 booths and 3000 attendees…this year there had over 2000 booths and over 125,000 attendees from more than 100 countries and fills over one million square feet of exhibit space.

Since my background is racing of course I spent most of my visit in the Racing and Performance building. More than 500 companies in over 2500 booths it's not easy to see it all unless you put in full days and don't stop at any one booth too long. Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll cover the show with the below photos. Last years coverage was appreciated by our readers but the main question asked was "Where are all the girls?" So this year we have a "The girls of SEMA" section…it represents about 5% of the models working the show but you will get the idea.




Of course Las Vegas at night is quite a show…but come sunrise the SEMA SHOW comes to life.

Walking up to the front it always nice to see nostalgia race cars, here's
Leah Pruett with her new ride parked next to the Pizano & Matsabara funny.


OK, a diesel powered RED is a bit weird.


NHRA had all the "countdown to one" drivers on hand at the media center…one race left to win it all.

The one great voice left on the NHRA staff, Bob Fry, headed up the preview. Bob's knowledge and passion for the sport makes it always a pleasure to listen to him.


"Hey Larry, where's The Sarge?".   "I think he is still at the scales Brandon"


"Robert…I could have been a contender".     "Yeah, OK Ron"


"I do those goofy TV spots all year for the publicity, race my butt off and still end up behind the taco cart…hey Tony, I'll tune your car for you at Pomona, a little extra hot sauce in the tank"?

"I sold my car, my home, my girlfriend to race… Cat stepped up and I'm number one…how cool is that? If I win it all I can buy the car back!"


The toughest race this past weekend was against my brother, we were lucky to win that round as he put up a hell of a fight! …Fight?...Smoke?...Championship?

After the news conference the drivers did their autograph session at the NHRA booth.


Hot Wheels celebrated it's 40th year at the show…always a big draw from the attendees.









Want to retire? If you owned the factory collection that would be very doable! One of every car Mattel Hot Wheels ever made.


A classic Chevy highlights the Firestone display.


Strange applications for engines…plenty of them at the show.






The who's who in the automotive business was there… Nick Arias.

Danny Pisano and Brenden Murray join Nick at his booth


Most autographs award goes hands down to Chip Foose…he says if fans are willing to wait in a line for his signature he'll sit there until he has taken care of them all…truly a class act.



The SuperChip booth was kept real busy due to having the best draw cards in their space. Famed artist Kenny Youngblood made custom cartoons for the guests who came by, the line was always very long as people love to take home an original Youngblood picture.



Superstar Pro Stock driver Warren Johnson also was a willing autograph giver.


Bruce and Dave Crower were on hand showing off their top notch products. We are looking forward to seeing the Crower Engine make it to market, rumor has it Toyota is looking at it real hard.


Nice display of all the Crower products.


Broadway Bob fit right in on Halloween in Vegas…not sure what Doug Kaempfer is dressed to be…maybe a tourist?


Ron Covell always had a crowd around as he built a grill showing the methods and tools he promotes. The show is a great source for getting information from those that know.

Terry Youngblood flirts while Kenny is over working the SuperChips booth but Alex Xydias of SO CAL SPEED is used to it.


Jaime Trimble of Brembo brake calipers and systems doing what all the reps from the many companies do at SEMA…explains all the new products to potential buyers and current customers. Brembo brakes are found on every type of high performance race car made.

F-1 on the left and the NASCAR system on the right…talk about one of the most important parts of any race car…doesn't get the talk up it should…we always hear about what powers the cars to speed…this is how they stop!


The "man" Jack Roush unveiled a new consumer Mustang.



Jack shows a painting of his first drag race car, one like the car he has built for his daughter to race starting next year.


Jack's roots go way back in drag racing, he appreciated the handout of the "BankAmericar" & "Mastercar" dragsters I gave him, he loves the idea of giving old race cars new life. That is his daughter in the black top.


Mike Bosso shows his wife's roadster is the number one car on display…Kenny Youngblood acts like he doesn't know him! To be honest as seen in the next three photos, Donna Bosso's '34 Ford roadster is a class act and worthy of being the best.


A Jerry Wright built Chevy sits in the Jerry Severs "Paint N Place" colored car. Mike Bosso claims Donna's was built with left over parts from his roadster…yeah, RIGHT!


GMP Diecast had their display of super detailed models showcased…Ivo verses Garlits…what's that all about? I don't think the four motor is going to pull it's front wheels up.


Another interesting car was a 1963 Chevy Nova "Fueled By The Fallen" race car that displays the name and rank of every fallen Marine from Operation Iraqi Freedom. A nice honor to our troops.



Gene Winfield's very nice salt flats roadster made it into the main showroom. I wonder if Gene would let me make a pass in it…I could go for that!


A Mustang for James Bond?


The hot new "get around town car"…it has a 383 Chevy in it! Got to be a E ticket ride.


One of the very unique cars that will go on the block at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction.


Chip Foose's ride that he will drive at the NHRA World Finals.

Just a very cool roadster with a 392 for power.


The "OVERHAULIN" TV show set….





Chip Foose and his troops will be doing their annual SEMA SHOW overhaul show…the entire project is done on site right down to the paint job.


Just a few shots of the "SHOW"
























Did that give you an idea of how BIG this show is???


Beautiful '57 Chevy with a 427 under the hood in Chevrolet's booth.



The mint condition 1970 "Super Challenger" funny car was on display in the Mopar tunnel…how times have changed!


A look at the new Camero…I like it!


All the new Chevy power was on display... 572?






The NASCAR fans got a up close of Jeff Gordon's Car Of Tomorrow ride…I don't think many of us will be driving this tomorrow!

Another get-around-town-quickly ride.



OK, they were everywhere in the wheels and tires building but I still don't get it…wheels up to 42 inches in diameter! A Bentley with 32" wheels on it….A Hummer with some big ones on it? Gold plated, custom painted, totally out of proportion wheels on classic cars? Well, they were here and lots of them…I still don't get it.



OK, not all the wheels were big…Centerline, Weld, Cragar and American had displays I could relate to.



My favorite tee shirt of the show….



If you don't like girls .... exit now.

The Girls of SIMA





















See you at the 2008 SEMA SHOW…better start planning now!



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