CHRR Race & Cacklefest

The renowned video talents of Gil Rebilas and veteran Paul Sadler really shine in this non-stop nitro overload featuring all 47 entries from the 2006 CHRR Cacklefest (plus bonus footage from the 2005 Cacklefest). Plus, Cacklecar pit fireups, Interviews with legends of the sport, Exhibition runs, Nostalgia Top Fuel (day and night coverage), Funny Cars and much more!

What separates this production from previous Cacklefest videos is the unique camera angles and INCREDIBLE sound!  For the first time the thunder of fuel engines abound will shake your house and put you right there. Much time and technology was put into the audio mixing on this DVD and it really shows.

Amid the racing and Cacklefest proper is footage including Dave West doing a burnout in his Beebe & Mulligan AA/FD and a candid conversation between "Kansas John" Wiebe and the late Wally Parks. This DVD is simply loaded with great stuff.

*This is the only CHRR - Cacklefest DVD with the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum seal of approval.



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