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*Photographers who have pics on this site
and would like their contact info published, send it in and I will list it below.
Without you guys there'd be no history to show.

Photog Info - These are the guys you can buy these great photos from...


Photos by Hutch
Paul Hutchins had his camera with him at some major events at BeeLine, Lions, Irwindale and Bakersfield in the 60s. You can see samples of his work here on WDIFL on the Dragsters Photo Pages at "Diggers 28". Take a look at his album pages for more dragsters, gassers and funny cars from the golden years.
Check out Hutch's works for sale online at:
Photos by Hutch
Digital 8x10 prints are $8.00 plus postage
Contact For More Info:
Paul Hutchins



For all you drag racing picture lovers, especially you Funny Car guys, Ya gotta check outBob & Dottie Plumer's: "Drag Racing Memories" Catalog. This sucker is full of vintageF/C, ProStock and Exhibition Car pics; ones I haven't even thought about it years. (Bob promises the diggers are on the grill and will be in his next catalog update).And, they carry all sorts of resin model molds and decals.

The catalog alone is worth the 5 bucks but get this -- Buy the book and the $5.00 is credited to your first pic purchase. Walla - free catalog full of great shots from the '60's and '70's.

Send $5.00 cash, check or MO to:
Bob Plumer
c/o Drag Racing Memories

4900 E. Berlin Rd.
Thomasville, PA. 17364
Or, call with your CC #: (717) 259-0341

Drag Racing Memories



Jere Alhadeff started drag racing photography in 1965 and was the track photographer at Lions, Irwindale, and Orange County in Southern California at different times during the mid 1960's through early 1970's. He has 12,000 racing images, mostly in black and white. Photograph prices start at $11.00 for an 8x10 black and white, plus shipping.

Jere has 600 images that are normally stocked, and a complete listing of these 600 photos and a few photocopy examples is available for $3., which is refundable with a $25. order.

Contact: Photography Jere Alhadeff
13622 Cypress street
Garden Grove, CA 92843-3231
Phone: 714/530-4849, Fax: 714/530-5247
Photography by Jere Alhadeff

Alhadeff Photos Online


Glenn Miller - Trackside Photo
Gearhead, Riversider, Drag Race Photographer, 1958 through 1973 tracks covered: Colton Drag Strip, Riverside, Pomona, Fontana, Carlsbad, OCIR, Bakersfield and Irwindale. Has over 5000 shots from this period, EMPI Photographer with the Inch Pincher Crew. Questions, History, Comments ? E-mail me !!



"Pete" Garramone Racing Imagery
If you're looking for great drag racing action photos from the 1950's and 1960's, check out Pete's stuff! 8x12 color prints cost $10.00 and 8x10 b&w prints go for $7.50 plus a $3.20 S&H. Pete has a small catalog (105 color,105 b&w). The catalog sells for $3.20 which includes postage.

Contact For More Info: "Pete" Garramone



aka Jason Ellis, one of the finest new shooters on the scene. Jason covers most of the West Coast Nostalgia and NHRA events. Check out his work at:



John Durand
8265 Stone Crop Drive Unit C
Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
Phone 410-465-2730



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