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12.01-23 Your membership doesn't only give you total access to the largest drag racing website in the world, it also insures that it will carry on when I'm gone. Monies not spent on site maintenance and programming goes into an account that will ensure WDIFL stays online for years to come. The more funds, the longer our history will be available.

There has to be race fans out there who still care about the preservation of drag racings history, is it you?

WDIFL will continue as long as there is support, but with little or no support it will go away and there will be no one left to save it. This massive archive of photos and history will simply disappear.

Not up for a membership? Want to help in other ways? Sponsor? Rent the Goodyear blimp? Wear a sandwich board? Put fliers on car windows? Stuff fortune cookies? Call Vinnie?
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