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Rich Siroonian at the wheel of "Big John" Mazmanian's 1969 candy apple red Cuda. Starting with his AA/GS cars John had one painter ever touch his cars, Rubin was the go to guy for two things, candy apple red paint and real gold leaf lettering. Maz had him on retainer.



Before he was Flash, it was just the Gordon and Ann show.



Warren Gunter in his fan favorite DuraChrome Bug at Lions in 1970. Gunter had a lot of growing pain with his BBC powered VW but when he ironed them out it was a great show.



Dale Pulde in Clyde Morgan's "Vicious Too" Camaro and the Bradford Engle & Bagnard "Bad Bascomb's Ghost" Nova go at it at Lions in 1969.



Gene Conway in his new topless Vette at Lions in 1968.



Tommy Grove coming out of the water box in his Mustang Cammer at Lions in 1969.




The Bradford Engle & Bagnard "Bad Bascomb's" Nova at the hit, Lions in 1969.



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