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Don Schumacher has owned multi-car operations since day one, the difference was he owned the cars (with family help). There were no big rigs, just a few ramp trucks. Here's one of his 1969 Charger at OCIR in 1969.



Ed McCulloch out on Don Prudhomme during the 1972 Winternationals. This was the Vipe's first Hot Wheels Cuda that debuted in black before the more familiar white Hot Wheels colors were applied.



The Ace staging at OCIR i 1973.




Spanish Galleon AA/FC of Al Arriaga who was one of the few Hispanic funny racers, holding up the banner until the Pedregon Brothers came along. Arriaga was a low buck racer from Arizona, but his “Spanish Galleon” machines always looked and ran great. Al had raced a Pro Stock Camaro before buying the “MOB” AA/FA Fiat. He continued to race the Fiat under the “MOB” name but with different paint jobs. Arriaga also kept the Donovan Hemi that came with the car. Arriaga eventually bought this Monza body for the chassis and named the car the “Spanish Galleon.”



Such Matsubara out on Al Hanna at OCIR in 1972.



Ray Alley fielded a bunch of floppers in the 60's and 70's under his his Engine Masters brand He ran several different bodies including a Mustang and a Cougar. However, most were Plymouth models like his 1968 Charger and a later car at OCIR in 1973.




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