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In match race trim the 1970's funny cars didn't run much quicker than today's Pro Stocks, But the memories of Funny Car match racing in the early to mid '70's has to qualify as some of the most exciting drag racing of all time! A case in point, Tom McEwen and Roland's Hawaiian at Fremont.



Tim Beebe's "Fighting Irish" 1979 Firebird Trans Am driven by the late Dick Rosberg.



In 1965 it was cars like Tom McEwen in his "Flying Fish" Cuda and Dick Harrell in his injected fuel Chevy II that filled the stands of tracks like Lions.


"Flying Fish" you ask? Harrell had a soft landing compared the The Goose who was fine, the Cuda no so much. It was repaired and came back as a land fish.



John Force before he was the winningest funny car driver of all time. Wife Lori and first daughter Ashley too.



Frank Pisano in the first of two Pisano Bros. cars. This was 1968 and in 1969 they built an ill-fated Corvair. After that Joe teamed up with Sush Matsubara.



This is about as far apart as a flopper can get. Snake and Weasel (Bob Brandt) with the 1975 Army Monza.



A short lived version of Don Schumacher's "Stardust" Charger in 1968.



Dale Pulde starting a burnout in Mickey Thompson's Grand Am in 1974 at SIR.



Wayne Wilder in his "Phantom" Corvette paired with Mart Higgenbotham’s Drag-on Vega in 1972.



No ID on this rear engine 1969 Corvair in in 1973.



Dave Condit posing with the Condit Bros. Monza staged in front of the Queen Mary in Long Beach in 1978.



Ed "The Ace" McCulloch and Ed Pink at Indy circa 1976. No, Ed is not on a cell phone.





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