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A very rare photo of the Atlanta Speed Shop "Zot IV" fueler's right side. It was always the left side of the car that was photographed 'cause that was the side that had "Atlanta Speed Shop" lettered on it. The reason for the "Honest Charley of Atlanta" being lettered on the right side was that at that time the Atlanta Speed Shop was an Atlanta area retailer for Honest Charley Speed Shop parts.

The car was an ex-Ivo car that had a redone front half and a Julius Hughes built 392. After Julius retired from being a driver, "Digger" Don Dixon became the driver. The car was doing well in Division II NHRA competition until it was demolished in a crash at the Miami-Hollywood Motorsports Park in 1971.



Chuck Webb getting ready to push start in the Costa Nostra at Dover Dragway in 1968.



Steve Carbone in the Creitz & Donovan car on the pit rollers at OCIR in 1968. Bob Creitz on the Enderle's. We've lost both these legends.



Creitz & Donovan with Steve Carbone in the seat on a pass at the 1969 March Meet.



Bob Noice in his Accessories Limited C/FD at the 1965 March Meet.



Great on car shot of The Goose in the Yeakle Plymouth Spec. at Carlsbad in 1965.



Ken Moitoza in the "Cracklin' Rose" during the NHRA World Finals at OMS in 1972.



Dan Rightsell at San Antonio in 1965.




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