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These are members of our drag boat racing family who are no longer with us. They contributed to drag boat racing from 1960 to 1979. They are the drivers, owners, tuners, photographers, representives and manufactures who made it all happen. In no way do we want to slight or diminish the contributions of those who ran other classes or came into drag boat racing after 1979*, but this site has a time line and a format and that will be held here as well as in the photos.

*Note: As of 01-01-11 we will be honoring those who gave their all post 1979. A ** indicates post 1979.

Please e-mail me anybody you feel should be included here and it will be done. I know there are many names still missing. Remembered

Names in magenta are drivers who suffered fatal injuries while racing.
* indicates they were (among other things) a driver.

Abajian, Charles
Adair, Red
Allred, Don
Amaral, Vern
Anderson, Dale
Andre', Rene'
Annin, "Diamond" Jim
Annin, John

Bachant, Earl*
Bacus, Bob
Bale, Dwight*
Bale, Jean Moore
Bale, Mac
Barnes, Joe
Barrett, Jan

Barron, Brent
Barth, Mathew
Bell, Mike
Bement, Dick*
Bement, Kyle
Benson, Jim
Bird, Bob
Black, Keith
Black, Newman
Black, Tom
Bond, Al
Blosdale, Jeff
Braaksma, Ronf
Braden, George
Brandon, Don
Breithaupt, Leo 'Butch'
Brendel, Irv
Brendel, Peggy
Booth, Mark
Brown, Howard
Brownfield, "Buster"
Bruns, Jeff
Burden, Galen
Bush, Al

Cantrell, Tom
Capaldi, Tim
Carter, Fuzzy
Capaldi, Ray
Caselli, Ray
Cayer, Jack
Chambers, Sandy
Chandler, Monty
Chapman, Milt
Christensen, Harry
Christensen, Mac
Christy, Bob
Churchill, Danny
Coats, Buzz
Cole, Jim
Collins, Chuck
Cool, Jack
Cooper, Bill
Culbert, Matt

Daily, Del
Daily, Mona
Daniel, Don
Davidson, Jack
Davis, Jerry
DeMilita Sr.,Anthony
Dickson, Don
Donegan, Neil
Donovan, Ed
DuBiel, Mike
Dubois, Ralph
Durham, Dan*

Ellis, Bob
Ermshar, Don
Ermshar, Jim
Ewing, Gary

Flint, Rod
Faulkner, Lance
Fisher, Dell
Florance, Cecile
Fry, Tom
Fulgam, Bob*
Fulgum, Jerry
Fults, Tommy "Tucker"

Gabelich, Gary
Gelfand, June
Gericke, Garry
Gilbert, Bud "G-Force"
Gireth, Chuck*
Gleason, Jerry
Gollott, Roy
Gonsalves, (Algon) Albert

Haas, John
Hackett, Gene
Hallet, Rich
Hamilton, Don
Harris, Dave
Harrison, Bill
Hartman, Bill
Hedrich, Holly
Henderson, Bill
Hendrix, Al
Hill, Gayland
Hilton, Doug
Hipwell, John
Hoban, Mike
Hobbs, Jim
Hodsdon, Charlie
Holden, Ted
Howard, Earl*
Hughes, Clive "No Jive"
Husted, Jeanne
Hyder, Ed*

Indovina, Tom
Ishimaru, Tets
Iven, Clem

Jackson, A,J,
Jauker, Paul
Jennings, Gordon
Johnston, Bruce
Jones, Hughie
Jones, Sonny

Kaiser, John "Mad Dog"
Kanemoto, Bud
Kelly, Mike
Keene, Gene
Kinman, Vern
Kurgin, Richard "Curly"
Kurtis, Arlen
Kurtovich, Sam

Lamp, Dick
Lankin, Howard
Lauber, Jack
Lawson, John
Lebel, Bud
Lemke, Jerry
Lemke, Mitch
Lieberman, Barry
Loathringer, Earl

Masino, Del
MacFarland, Porter
Marriott, Butch *
McIntosh, Kenny

Miller, Bob
Miller, Mike
Miranda, Charlie*
Morenz, Eddie*
Morgan, Bob
Morgan, Tim
Mullens, Denver
Muller, Randy

Nescher, Bruce
Nichols, Jack
Nichols, Roberta
Nolte, Dave
Noriega, Chuck
Neuharth, Mike

Owen, Tony
Owens, Gary*

Padgett, Gordon A.
Patterson, Bill
Peacock, William (Bill)
Peppmuller, Rod
Phillips, John
Phillips, Ted
Phillips, Vi
Pickins, Darrell "Skip"*
Pinell, Dottie

Pittman, K.S.
Proctor, Dudley
Parkhurst, Clyde

Rajotte, Edward
Ramos, Rudy
Ramsey, Jack
Rico, Bernie
Rife, Dwight
Riggs, Thurman
Regan, Tom
Robbins, Tommy
Roberts, Don
Roberts, Lillian
Roberts, Ralph
Roland, Tom

Sammons, Don
Sanders, Jim
Saylor, Skip
Seibur, Jack
Serra, "Dirty Harry"
Showman, Paul (Garform)
Siroonian, John
Skaggs, Chuck
Skalicky, David
Sonnabend, Dale*
Sowins, Dave
Smith, Paul
Spencer, Jerry
Stipp, Bob
Sugden, Dick*
Sykes, Bob

Todd, Billy

Thompson, Dennis
Thurston, Tom*
Townley, Bill
Townley, Robyn
Tucker, Jimmy

Vachal, Denny
Van Dyke, Jim
Vanpelt, Bob
Verheul, Jerry

Wallace, Jerry
Walsh, George
Watts, Bob
Welch, Steve
West, Kenny*
Wheeler, Chuck
Widawitz, Frank
Wilcox, Ed
Wildman, Leo B.
Wildman, Helen
Williams, Don
Wright, Jim
Wright, Jim
Wright, Tom

Yates, Do
Young, John
Zenovka, Barry

Zeuschel, Dave

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