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Ron Dudley in the Dick Moritz Dodge Daytona racing out of Tulsa goes KA BOOM during qualifying for the 1987 NHRA U.S. Nationals at Indy. The car left ok but started burning head
gaskets on both sides which eventually blew the fuel tank on his 6.94-124.91 attempt. Dudley walked away, the car was repaired and made several more attempts to qualify but could not get below Don Prudhomme’s 5.79 bump spot




Five AA/FC’s shot during the 1983 Budweiser/Super Stock Nationals & NHRA Points event at Reading. Ken Veney's Pontiac Trans Am & Tim Grose's "Spirit" Corvette on the track.Frank Hawley and the "Chi-Town Hustler" coming under the bridge, and on the fire-up road, Bruce Larson's "USA-1" Corvette, and Scott Weney in the "Gold Coast Challenger. Frank Hawley ended up beating Ken Veney in the final round 5.97-234.37 to 6.09-237.37.



The next 8 shots are out of my time frame, but they are a good sequence of photos from Sonoma during the 1989 Western Swing. And, since my old friend Gary Ritter was the focus
and gave me a firsthand account below.

"I was driving for Dave Benjamin who wanted me to help him with two fuel pump deal since I
had some experience with Strasser’s car. We ran pretty good at Denver we came down to
Sonoma and he got smarter than me and doubled the fuel pressure - dropped a cyl and
hydraulic the side off the motor - it left like a rocket BUT. While I'm on fire Mark Severs was
bouncing off the guardwall in John Lindsay's car. We were both done for the weekend."










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