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Ron Manke in the Cerny-Manke-Lins at Indy in 1969.



No ID comin' at ya



Bob Creitz strapping Steve Carbone in on the rollers at Lions.



No ID Top Gas at Indy circa 1969.



Crossley-Williams-Swann with Wayne King in the seat. Shot from the tower roof at OCIR in 1967.



No ID at Fremont circa 1965.



Jim Nicoll - "Der Weinerschnitzel"





Don Enriquez in Gene Adams "Double Eagle" AA/FD at Lions in 1970.



The car is the "Texas Shark Car", owned by Don Neal and raced by the Dallas Texas "Whiz Kids", at the NHRA division 4 regional race at Victoria, Texas, in 1966, at which they won Top Fuel that day. They were the Division 4 NHRA champions in Top Fuel in 1966, and the number 2 car in the nation behind Beebe and Mulligan of Div 7. They had the most NHRA points of all the Fuel dragsters in the country at the end of 1966. Their total points were the second best in the country. The driver was the "Texas Jimmy Nix". Not to be confused with the "Oklahoma Jimmy Nix". You should have seen those two guys when they got together to drink beer and shoot pool. They could not believe that there were two guys with the same name that both drove Top Fuel Dragsters. Lots of "FUN".

This car was a Kent Fuller chassis, one of several that Kent constructed for other groups as well as this car. To the best of my knowledge there were 3 or 4 Shark cars built, all racing during the 1964-1967 time period.


Here are two additional pictures of the Texas Shark car. The first is the early paint job, "Purple" , used until mid 1966, and the second is the "Yellow", used until the end of the year 1966, when the car was sold and the "Whiz Kids", disbanded and moved on with life.




Mike Sorokin in the fables Surfers car at Pomona in 1966.



Jim Dunn in his "Green Mountain Boys" (Woody Trick Car II) at Lions in 1967. This was one of just two 1967 Woody (RCE) "trick cars" so named for the unconventional front suspension. The first car built as a RCS factory car. The first driver is Steve Carbone.

Then Gene Adams put his motor in the car and John Mulligan drove it for a bit. Then the car went back to Woody. In the meantime Tommy Allen had allot of miles on his RCS car and it is suggested by Mulligan that he go buy a Woody car.

Tommy goes up to RCE and comes back with the Trick Car and runs it for a bit then he bought it from Woody. Then Tommy gets drafted in '67 and Larry Huff and Marlene, Tommy's wife sell the car to Tom McEwen. Tom runs it for a while then it gets sold to the Anderson Brothers in Texas and a young up and comer, somebody by the name of Kenny Bernstein drives it. Then the Anderson Brothers sell the car to a local guy and the local guy crashes and is killed at a local track.

The second car is the one that Jim Dunn drove (pictured above). It was green and had a nose. Jim wasn't happy with the front end and took it off and put on a conventional front end. From there that car went up north and was eventually crashed as well. The front end of the second car rests on the ceiling of Tom Wilford's garage.



"Smothers Bros. - Beach Boys" AA/FD (Dwight Salisbury up) at Irwindale in 1970.




Frank Rupert in the Eagle Electric fueler at Pomona in 1966.



Zane Shubert in the hard charging Shubert in the Shubert & Herbert small block Chevy fueler at Lions in 1965.



No ID from the tower at OCIR.



Don Long chassied, Tom Hanna bodied car of Gordon Jenner from Calgary at Lions in 1969.



Don Garlits in his very long and ill fated Winnscharger at Indy in 1970.



Roland Leong and his driver, Mike Snively celebrate winning the 1967 March Meet.




Henry Walther in his slick A/FD in 1970.



Tom Hoover in in first Ford cammer car at Indy in 1968.



No ID launch at Irwindale circa 1966.



Jim Igge in the Igge & Sassa "Sons of the Rising Sun" Jr. Fueler at Lions in 1968.



Obviously Ivo didn't save much of this mess at Indy in 1968.



James Warren at OCIR in 1969.



No ID at Indy



Tom McEwen in the Johnson & McEwen "candy stripe car" at Indy in 1967.



"Kansas John" Wiebe in his last FED in 1971.



Jr. Fuel car of Alan Pinho and Roger Pellor at Lions.



Larry Faust with the "Jungle 3" (Mooneyham-Jackson-Faust) AA/FD at Bakersfield in 1966.


Mooneyham Jackson Faust



Mike Kuhl's fueler at Lions in 1970. Not sure who's driving as Kuhl had several during this time period. One thing for sure, its not Olson.



Tommy Larkin blazes the hides at OCIR in 1968.



Freeman & Sons and Press Bailey Jr. Fuel car (George Boltoff's old AA/GD car). Al Freeman Sr. behind car Al Freeman Jr. Driving at Lions circa 1965.



Les Allen in the Allen Family "Praying Mantis" at Lions in 1970.



No ID Lions circa 1968



No ID at Lions but the flower is a dead giveaway for a year - 1967.



After Herb Reis and and Steve Porter split up in the middle of 1963, Porter partnered with a friend named Tom Chambers. This car was the result of the new partnership. It ran an Oldsmobile in 1964, and a Chrysler in 1965. In 1966 Porter bought out Chambers, and this car was run with Bill Adair with a Chrysler at that time. Porter was always the driver of the car. The photo was probably taken at Lions in January 1964.



Holland & Guedel Autmotive Specialties at OCIR. Very low driver position.



Blueprints for the Masters & Richter Fuller car.



McEwen - new car - new helmet.



Steve Carbone



The short lived Mr. Ed (Ed Willis) AA/FD at OCIR. Willis was better know for his hard charging Blown Fuel Hydro drag boats. He also made funny car bodies and fiberglass dragster trailers.



No ID but a great shot from Lions circa 1966.



Ed McCulloch in the Northwind at Bakersfield in 1965.


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