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Ron Rivero in the K&G Speed Associates AA/FD at Englishtown in 1969.



Jeep Hampshire in the "Stellings & Hampshire" (Red Stamp) AA/FD smokin' the hides at Fontana International Dragway in 1964.



Top Gas car going up the Irwindale push road.



Don Ewald in the F-Troop Jr. Fueler at Lions in 1967.



No ID at Indy in 1966



The Caspery-Stokey-Hampshire fueler warming up during the 1965 Fuel & Gas Championships.



Paul Stevens in the "Little Puffer" from Terre Haute, Indiana, circa 1960.



Powers & Riley out of Iowa with Dave Powers at the helm.



Jeep Hampshire in the Stellings & Hampshire "Red Stamp" car at Pacific Raceway in 1963.



In the late 60's the stable of Don Long cars were a force to be reckoned with.

F to B: Don Prudhomme's "Shelby Super Snake", Creitz, Greer &Donovan, Walton & Anderson, Roland Leong's "Hawaiian", and Steve Frase. Don was the best technical craftsman in drag racing... bar none. He would challenge you indirectly, yet in no uncertain terms to bring your level of craft up to his. It would anger you for the moment, but he was always right, and anyone who cared about their work improved by his example.



Steve Gibbs, Race Queen and the late Jack Hart in the pre-race parade at Indy in 1970.



This is A&B Speed Shop B/FD out of Sommerville, Mass in 1965.




Another new Surfers find. Mike Sorokin in the Skinner-Jobe-Sorokin fueler in 1966.



Great art work on Jesse Perkins Cow Palace Shell AA/FD.




Gary Cochran in the American Way and Don Ewald in the BankAmericar on the rollers at Bee Line, semi-finals of the 1970 AHRA Winternationals. Cochran won and went on to take the final.



No ID circa 1965



Gary Cassidy's "Agitation" AA/FD in the pits at Bakersfield in 1965.



Norm Weekly in the Airline Auto Sales somewhere on their 1965 tour.



The fueler of Ken Warren & Bob Crowe with Jack Williams in the seat during the '66 Fuel & Gas Championships.



Al Bergler in the beautiful Gratiot Auto Supply car at Bristol in 1966 where he was the Super Eliminator winner .



The Garlits chassied, Andrews-Fisher- Fraley..." Blue Angel" out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



The Arizona based "Big Red" AA/FD of J.T. Stewart, Lefty Little & Don Estes at the 1965 Fuel & Gas Championships. They qualified 8th in 1965 with a 7.69 @ 193.54.


Smokin' em with Larry Dixon in the other lane.



Not sure who this is with the Surfers style scoop.



Frank Rupert in his Black Plague at Irwindale in 1967.



Bob Sullivan at Capital in 1963.




The Buzzard at Bakersfield, know nothing else.



A&W Root Beer Spec. owned by Frank Hedge and driven by Walt Stevens.



Larry Faust in the Mooneyham-Fergueson-Jackson & Foust "Jungle Four" at Bakersfield in 1966.



Connie Kalitta at Indy in 1966.



John Wenderski in the ill fated "Black Beauty" at San Diego Raceway in 1963.



C.W.S. Speed Equip B/FD




In Nov. 1963 “Snake” took time out from the G-B-P car to drive this beauty (Ansen-Pink-Prudhomme). It was also the Fuller-Zeuschel-Prudhomme car that he won the ’62 fuel and gas meet at Bakersfield.



Don Enriquez and Les Allen preparing the do battle at Irwindale in 1971.



I've never seen a fire suit like this, but Garlits found it interesting. Circa 1963.



No ID up in smoke



Not sure what this photo was for, a win maybe? Anyway, it has Larry Sutton on the left, Don Johnson (his car) behind the cage, Mickey Thompson on the right and Bob Muravez in the seat.



TV Tommy Ivo in an absolutely classic header flame staging shot at Englishtown in 1970.




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