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Gary Beck coming to a stop during the 1979 Summernationals.



This file is named "Between Rounds". No ID on car.



Try as I have there is no ID on this blower tossing Kboom at Indy in 1978.



This is a great shot of Jim Bucher and Carl Olson during the 1975 Summernationals. Both running the Hilborn Shotgun injectors.



This was way before NHRA went PC valilla. Connie probably flipped Buster off first btut Buster fired right back. These two had quite the history.



Fred Mooneyham pushing back the Mooneyham family "California Cajin" fueler back after a at the hit blower explosion during the 1973 NHRA World Finals at OMS. The blower is no problem as that was the family buisness. The rest is a major ouch.



What can I say? Loved Clayton



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