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Kent Fuller only built 4 rear engine Top Fuelers. Don Prudhomme's "Yellow Feather" was one and argueably the most famous. It was a light weight because Fuller rifle drilled ALL the bolts, Dzus fastners and rear axles to remove weight. So all the 3/8 bolts had 3/16 holes drilled through them except for the heads of the bolts as example. Don ran this car into the 1972 season until the Matel.

Dwight Salisbury getting suited up on the right, getting ready to climb into his 'Salisbury Stake' Fueler.




The Greek at Beeline in 1972 after he took the wedge tail off his Woody car.



This is the only photo I've ever seen of a GuZler RED. The number suggests John McNew was the driver but not one shot of it running. No wing puts it cerca 1971.



Herm Petersen during the 1973 NHRA Winternationals. Next to him is John Stewart who purchased his 1972 Woody car seen below.




Davey Uyehara in the 1973 version of Larry Huff's "Soapy Sales" car at Irwindale. Mark Danekas and Bill Holland on the right side.



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