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Phil Hobbs had an ugly debut in the Barber & Engler car at Indy in 1973. Short wheelbase, no wing... what could go wrong. This was the end of Phil's driving career.



Larry Dixon Sr. in the "Howard Cams Rat" during the Fremont WCS in 1976.



Ray Stutz heating the tires on the Hubbard & McCarthy BBC fueler at Irwindale in 1974. In-N-Out in the background (some will get that).



The "Iron Butterfly" TF car, driven by Bill Carter, in the pits at OCIR in 1973.



Three staged shots of the 1972 version of the fabled "Jade Grenade". At this point this New England car was fielded by the original partnership of of Flurer-Lenhoff-Thomas. This was the first of two Don Long cars that wore the brand with several paint schemes and partners over the next four years until it met an untimely end at NED in 1975. As seen here, the car no matter its stable mates was always a show piece.





This is one of the more vivid shots of John Wiebe and Jeb Allen in a scary crash during the first round of the 1973 National Challenge race at Tulsa. Jeb crossed into John's lane and all hell broke loose. Luckily both walked away but Wiebe had a broken arm.

At the time Wiebe was leading in points for the AHRA Top Fuel Championship. Aside from both cars being totaled, Kansas John was out of commission for a few races. Rules being what they were back then, James Warren was allowed to put John Wiebe's name on the side of the Warren-Coburn-Miller car and run for John and the points. Thanks to the WCM team Wiebe went on to win the Championship.


The biggest piece

Gary Beck at Dallas in 1980.



Alison Lee doing her thing on the KB 426 in their "Great Expectations" car in 1976.



Can't make out name but whoever it is we'll call it a Huge Boom. Indy 1978.



Jim Bucher out on Carl Olson during the 1973 U.S. Nationals at Indy.



Out of my timeframe but a classic that needs to be preserved. Buster telling Connie he's #1 or what he thinks about the latest "disagreement" they had. Lots of stories.



A not too happy Fred Mooneyham pushing the family's "California Cajun" to the hospital. The irony and/or bright side is dad Gene had Mooneyham Blowers.



No comment necessary. of Jeb's car lays dead on the track.



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