Evolution..... A study of the Nomadic Drag Racing Clans

by Laurie Watts


They can all be found listed under People of the Fuel in the now dust covered book that has sat for the ages.

Nailhead Clan: A most dreaded of the warrior types, they resort to trickery and disguise, often using subliminal messages to gain access to other Clans minds. Can be found in pit areas late at night, attacking unguarded prey.

The Clan of the Mouse: a highly sophisticated clan of people, warrior in nature but innovators in design. Can be found running amok at local tracks, they can be seen from time to time during the "New Moon" sacrificing RAT motors.

RAT People: A very secretive bunch, very seldom come out of their worlds, usually have more "trading beads" than the innovative Mouse Clan.

Elephant Clan: Can be seen with Hydrometers in hands, have evolved from one plug to two plugs, from one mag to 2 mags. The Elders of the Clan of one plug, while the" Ones of the Young", have taken on the philosophy of 2 plug, thus requiring the "Dance of the Crewpeople" between rounds. They have more "trading beads" than any other clan, and often have LARGE names written on their cars, to aid in the acquisition of more "Trade Beads"

SOHC Clan: An almost instinct form of Nomadic people. Have been known to take to the skies in the "Winged Creatures" that transport things in their bellies. Can also be found under the sub-listing Cammer Clan.

Clan of the Blue Oval: Always creating rivalry, this clan has their motto often tattooed on the rear of the cars "Bite Me Chevy Boy" Often known to chase Mouse Motors.

Mopar Clan: an evolutionary Clan, branched off from the Elephant Clan, the 383 clan can be found with an abundance of Fram Oil Filters.

Oldster Clan: This is a small group of people, hunters and gatherers, very quiet people, but they WATCH all the time.

The Clan the Flatheads: Very rare group here, can be found tipping the can, (as they have No Hydrometers, nor do they believe in them..) Can often be found "stalking" tattooed people of the Mouse clan. They are the "fun seekers" of the dragstrip. No war crys from their camps, just laughter and stories.

The Clan of the Fire People: VERY loud group of people. Slow of the start but finish with great speed. Often burning down billboards at starting lines from the large fire that comes from the beasts. They are consumers of a refined form of diesel fuel and with some modifications can take to the air. Can be found chanting JP-4, JP-4 at racetracks.

The Gas Clan: this group can be found with ANY of the above Motors, they are a strange smelling clan of people, not governed by percentages.

Clan of 4 cylinders: No anthropological studies are available at this time on this new evolutionary species.


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