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June 18-20, 2010 - Bowling Green, KY: The 8th annual National Hot Rod Reunion is in the record books and for many reasons, it was an event that will stand out in the memories of all who attended. The folks from out West will not forget the relentless heat and brutal humidity... as bad as 2009. However, the guys from Louisiana and Oklahoma said "What weather?" Which would suggest it is not unusual for people from the Southeastern part of the country.

They will also remember the over 400 race cars that descended upon the historical Beech Bend track just weeks after a massive flood threatened to cancel the event altogether. There were hundreds of quality street and hot rods that packed the areas designated for them and of course, the huge crowd that packed the facility on Saturday especially for and a record number of Top Fuel and Cacklefest cars that put on a great show into the night.

And since this is WDIFL.com, this is where that great show is shared with all those who could not make the trek to Beech Bend and for those who were there but were too overwhelmed to take it all in. Most of all it is a tribute to the dedicated to the current breed of front engine top fuel drivers who, if just in engine placement alone, carry on an honored tradition.

In Nostalgia Top Fuel, for an unprecedented 6th time in 7 trips to Bowling Green the High Speed Motorsports team stood in the winners circle. More astounding is that fact that this years winner, Brad Thompson, is the third team driver to win this prestigious event. Previously the title went to drivers Sean Bellemeur and Troy Green.

After qualifying #1 with a 5.89 at 254 Thompson marched through the field in eliminations Thompson landed in the winner's circle with a 5.921 at 250.23 win in the final over Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg in Dale Shur's Iowa based fueler who smoked the tires and pedaled to a 6.306 at 237.

So without further ado here is Nostalgia Top fuel from start to finish.




It's hard to believe that just 6 weeks out, the entire Beech Bend Raceway Park was under water better suited for drag boats than any kind of car. Incredibly, and to the credit of many, the facility was more than ready to host the 8th annual National Hot Rod Reunion. There was virtually no signs of the massive flood that swept through the area and in spite of very hot and humid - in a word oppressive - weather the track was in great shape. Kudos to all the staff and volunteers who made this happen.










In the heat of the day, the first qualifying session went off on Friday afternoon. Crews examined the 130+ degree track hoping to get close on their initial tune-ups.


The first pair out was Denver Schutz in the Raisin Express II entry and Brad Thompson in the High Speed Motorsports "Great White".







Both cars were tuned on the side of caution and the leaves were clean but a little soft.








No tire smoke from either car as Schutz ran a solid 6.006 at 240.77 with Thompson clicking it early to a 6.209 at just 227.10.





















The second pair out was Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg in the Dale and Kat Suhr Racing entry and Brendan Murry in his "Running Wild Racing" Chevy powered car.









Both cars left and stayed together until Lechtenberg lost traction and shut off.











Murry, who has been running better of late, clocked a 6.298 at just 202.77 but due to the fact that the electronic scales were under water for a week the car came up light on the scales disallowing the run and was disallowed.





The Next out was Howard Haight in the Nitro Diction car out of New York and Randy Bridges in the Hendricks Motorsports car.









Haight had a solid leave while Bridges went almost immediately into a wheelstand.









After a nice 60' time Haight struck the tires and after one pedal job clicked it to a 6.48 at 219.75. After coming back to earth Bridges coasted to a 12.31.





The last pair pitted Troy Green and "Diamond Dave" Miller in the Telstar fueler. Green didn't have a funny car race this weekend so he jumped in Frank Ousley's new car out of Morrison, Illinois, tuned by Dale Emery.







Green had a wet pipe at the hit while Miller's car was very lazy.









Green was hooked up pretty good until he became another left lane tire smoke casualty.



Both cars coasted through with unremarkable times.





The final car in session one was Keith Burgan in the Horan & Burgan "Rooman" car. Burgan recently got his TF license and was attempting to qualify for his first show.





After a decent leave Burgan clicked it before the 60' mark.














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